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Can I see a list with all clients?

Under the Customers menu you can see all your clients’ and summary of their reservations. All reservations are grouped by customer’s email address and their name, phone and country are taken from the latest reservation made.

Client - client name and country of origin used in the last reservation

Contact Details - email address and phone from the last reservation

Sales - number of made reservations and total paid for them

Active Booking(s) - current reservation(s) with status Confirmed, Pending, Collected

Last Completed - details for the last completed reservation

Cancelled & Pending - number of reservations with status Cancelled and Pending and sum of their prices

Can I export clients’ data?

Under the Customers menu check the client’s details that you want to export and from the Choose Action button click on “Export selected”. Clients’ details will be saved into a CSV file.

How to customize client data collected during checkout?

To set up your Checkout Form, go to Car Rental System menu / Settings sub-menu / Checkout Form. 

You have 3 options to choose from for each of the form fields:

No - The field will be hidden on the Checkout Form

Yes - The field will be shown

Yes (required) - The field will be shown and mandatory to fill.

What if I need an additional field on the checkout form?

Please contact us and we can discuss the additional fields you would require.

You can change the Title of a Checkout Form field by using the Languages module of the website.

Can I ask for driver details - name, age, driving licence?

Yes, you can ask for up to 2 different drivers’ details. Each driver should enter name, birthday, driver licence number and also let them upload scanned documents. Each of these fields on the checkout form can be set to be required or not.

Can I set driver min and max age?

Yes, under Settings - Rental settings page, “Other Settings” section you can enter the minimum and maximum age for the drivers. You will need to ask for driver’s birthday and make the field required so clients enter their birthdays and the system calculates if their age is within the limit.

What is the Files field for driver’s details?

If you enable the Files field clients will be able to attach files under driver’s details section (see screenshot). This could be a scanned driving licence, or passport. Edit the label of the field to provide further instructions what you expect them to upload.

Need any help?
Need any help?