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  Expand your market

Boost your sales, streamline your business processes, increase customer satisfaction, and promote your vehicles online with a steady and secure car rental website.

  Have an all-in-one rental solution

Get a powerful Car Rental Software and Website solution that's tailored to your business model. You can present your cars to a broader audience online, improve fleet management, and maximize profits.

  Increase efficiency

Increase your rent-a-car business' efficiency by automating your business processes and reducing human error. Have complete control over your day-to-day operations, analyze performance and increase business productivity.

Car Rental Software

Browse our ready to go templates and start your website. see templates

Advanced Car Rental Software

Save time, improve communication with your staff and clients, and monitor each car rental availability from a single platform with powerful and technologically advanced car rental booking software.

Online Reservations

Provide a more streamlined booking process for both you and your clients with VEVS car reservation software. Allow online reservations on your website anytime, from any device, regardless of your client's location.

Online Payments

Choose from our 14+ most popular payment gateways and let your clients pay you securely online. If you can't find the one you prefer, we can add it upon request into your car rental software.

Reservations Management

Easily handle all your reservations online with VEVS car rental booking software and effortlessly modify any booking details such as pickup/return dates, fleet type, insurance, extras, payments, documents & more.

Fleet & Inventory

The powerful VEVS Car Rental Software allows you to display your vehicles professionally, specify car inventory, and monitor their availability in real-time to prevent duplicate bookings.

Flexible Pricing & Fees

Manage rental rates depending on the reservation length and seasonal rates for each of your car types. You can also set up additional fees like out-of-hours service, late returns, extra mileage, and fees related to the pick-up and drop-off locations.


Increase your car rental business revenue by offering additional extras and excess insurance along with your rent-a-car offerings. Our car reservation software provides flexible management of these options.

Automated Notifications

Streamline your communication with clients and make sure your staff is continuously informed about new reservations, payments, and cancellations by sending them automatic notifications.

Maintenance & Costs

VEVS Car Rental Software empowers you to effortlessly manage your fleet maintenance without ever getting lost in the process. Easily track all vehicle expenses, including dates, categories, types, costs, and status.

Reports & Monitoring

VEVS car rental booking software offers many reports such as vehicle, sales, and business history reports so you can make profitable decisions based on real-time data and grow your business online.

API & Export

Leverage the API function to retrieve specific data from our platform and integrate it with other third-party systems. Easily share your booking data with other systems, create custom feed URLs and export your reservations in different formats.

Avoid Duplicate Bookings

The VEVS Car Rental Software will display only the available vehicles for rent to your clients and eliminate the possibility of overlapping bookings. As a result, you will experience improved productivity and prevent revenue loss.

Damages Management

With this feature, you can maintain detailed records of all car damages, upload photos of damaged areas, and describe the car in detail. In this way, you can prevent wasting money on damages you didn't cause.

Screenshots & Demo

See VEVS car reservation system and website builder in action and get a feel of it through various screenshots of the website front-end and the car rental business software back-end.

Website home page
Website home page
Car Rental Software Dashboard
Car rental software dashboard
Fleet page
Fleet page
Fleet & inventory management
Fleet & inventory management
Reservation process on the website
Reservation process on the website
Manage reservation screen
Manage reservation screen
Daily activity report
Daily activity report
Vehicles report
Vehicles report

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VEVS' Car Rental Software and Website Solution is used by car rental companies worldwide to run and grow their businesses online. Browse their live websites and read why they think VEVS is the best software solution for their business.

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Powerful Car Rental Website Builder

The VEVS car rental website builder helps you create a professional, secure, and steady website that ranks high in Google.

Pre-made web templates The quickest way to have a fully functional website in less than 24 hours is to pick one of our pre-made car rental website designs for a start. Then you or our team can customize everything, from fonts to colour schemes, to create a site that perfectly matches your company brand.

Multi-lingual website Make your website speak your customers' language to increase conversions and attract a broader audience. With the VEVS website builder's multi-language options, you can add as many languages as you need to your website. Use the integrated Google Translation API for effortless content translation.

SEO & Mobile friendly In the VEVS Car Rental Software, you will also find all the key SEO tools to help you optimize your website for search engines. In addition, our rent-a-car websites are mobile-friendly and perform excellently on mobile devices to ensure a smooth client experience when renting your vehicles using a smartphone or tablet.

Fast & secure website Your car rental website will be hosted on a private VPS (virtual private server) powered by Amazon AWS to ensure a reliable, fast and secure host. In addition, the websites are further secured and optimized technically to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks and provide excellent performance and fast loading.

Easy to use
Mobile friendly
Live changes available
Add images and text
Modern templates
Contact forms
Advanced color and design controls
GDPR compliance made easy
Set up your sitemap
Create relevant URLs
Add a blog
Connect a custom domain
Engaging visual effects
Add unlimited pages
Manage the site menu
SEO tools
Help customers find you
Multiple users access

Dedicated to your success

Lifetime support You'll work with a highly knowledgeable and dedicated expert who gets to know your rent-a-car business and guides you in getting your unique car rental software and website.

Custom web development Depending on the specific needs of your rent-a-car business, we can develop any modifications to your car reservation software and website to make it a perfect fit.

Software and website setup Too busy running your rent-a-car business? Let our knowledgeable tech-support team help you with almost any aspect of the setup process.

Onboarding training Our team of experts will train you on how to use the VEVS website builder and car reservation system to manage your online business more efficiently.

Exceptional customer support

Royal Car Rent is a car rental company operating in Georgia and involved in this business for more than 6 years. From 2018, we started cooperating with VEVS for the integration of VEVS Car Rental Software & Website for our business.

I would like to note that the most flexible and important point for us is that the VEVS team is very active, responsive, and open to quick, online interaction almost any time. Particularly, Nikola is always so much helpful in this process.

VEVS, with its professional team, provided quite solid work in modifying the car rental management system based on our ideas and creating our webpage in the shape and functionality it exists today. They have met almost all our ideas, wishes, and expectations in this process.

The effective and smart functioning of our website is crucial for us, as it is the main instrument to offer our service to the customers. Accordingly, we are much satisfied with choosing and cooperating with VEVS during these years.

I can’t avoid mentioning the fact that due to the heavy impact of the Covid pandemic for all the businesses all over the world (our’s was not an exception), the VEVS team has made great generosity to us concerning financial support and other points, which is the great expression of cooperation and we are much thankful for that.

I would like again to express my gratitude towards VEVS and wish them huge success in the field they are operating.

Giorgi Tskhadaia
Royal Car Rent, Georgia

Thank you for your support throughout the website setup process! You have been very helpful, and genuinely it was a pleasure working with you. The outcome of the website is better than I have imagined in the first place, so once again, thank you for everything.

Tyrel Grant
Advance Vehicle Hire, London, UK

My Team and I have been using the VEVS Car Rental Software & Website Builder for the online booking of our car rental company (

It is a delight working with the development team. Having them by our side made our transition from our old system very seamless because of their professionalism, knowledge and understanding of the business and the industry. We are certain that our car rental system is unique because our requirements for customized features were granted and executed. At every stop, their support team are there to guide us and provide the best technical and creative solution for our specific requests.

My team and I will continue to use the website and the car rental business software for our day-to-day operations as we know it will help us achieve our vision and grow our car rental business. Highly Recommended"

Engr. Marius Jernin Jaen
Operations and Sales Manager of Anis Transport
Anis Transport, Philippines

We had been looking for some time to update our website with a new look and real-time car reservation software. We have seen many car rental templates and online. However, most of them are outdated without real-time booking. We were surprised when we saw the VEVS car rental website builder with a fresh and contemporary design.

We contacted VEVS and received a reasonable quote for the specific design that we wanted. Communication with the VEVS team has been smooth as we sent many messages and always received quick answers with solutions to our requests. Within a few weeks, our website was online, and we uploaded our cars and prices and started receiving reservations.

Currently, we are on the third year with our VEVS website and so far absolutely no problems. We have asked for minor modifications from time to time and always have received what we wanted and for no extra fees. The website runs smoothly, the car rental system is very easy to use, and all our clients love it. We consider our VEVS Car Rental Software the best investment we have made in marketing our business.

Alban Shehu
Fleet Manager
iRent, Albania

When we were starting our company, we wanted a website that is user-friendly, dynamic, and set up by the CampRoutes team. However, as soon as we saw the VEVS car rental business software, we said: "This is what we need!"

Then we started, step by step, upgrade by upgrade, always supported by the outstanding professionalism of the VEVS team, until we reached our goal, and the result, in our opinion, is great!

We are delighted with our website, and the feedback of our customers regarding the website usability and looks has been great. We appreciate all the work that the VEVS team has done for us. Congratulations VEVS, and continue with your excellent work!

Eduardo Relvas
Founder & Owner
Camp Routes, Portugal

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