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Creating your car rental website with VEVS is a clever and farsighted choice!
You have all you need in one place and can scale up easily, cost- and time-efficiently!

Mobile-friendly Design

Customers can browse your cars for rent and book their best match from any desktop and mobile device, at any time of the day.

SEO Optimized

Our rent-a-car sites are technically optimized for search engines. We have also provided intuitive tools for optimizing your website content.

Content Editing

Managing texts and images on your car rental website take a few clicks. You can change all contents by yourself without calling the IT guy.

Color & Font Themes

Experiment with the predefined color schemes in each car rental website design or request custom-made colors and font styles!

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Amaze your website visitors with a cutting-edge design and make them purchase instantly. Create an unlimited theme and design variations to match your brand colours and style.

Use Experience

User Experience

Provide a remarkable user experience to your clients and grow your online business right away.


Site Editor (CMS)

Use our modern CMS (Content Management System) and create a website that represents your business in the best way possible.



Drive an excellent website performance without even being an SEO expert. Get discovered quickly online with the easy-to-use SEO features available on the VEVS Website Builder.

Website Management

Website Management

Organise your VEVS website to your desire and make it perform as your real business does. Choose from the ready-made designs to get started quickly or show off your web design skills.



Build a futuristic website that wow your customers. Take advantage of our innovative technology and skyrocket your online business.

Need any help?
Need any help?