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Use our in-depth website audit services to take your business boost your conversion rates.

At VEVS, we understand the significance of seamless online bookings and the impact it has on your sales and conversions. Trust our team of professionals to optimize your car rental software and website so that it brings more customers and sales to your business.

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Call-to-Actions That Work

We will improve your website’s call-to-action and guide your website visitors seamlessly to the reservations page, so they can make bookings more straightforward, which as a result will increase your conversion rates.

Business Credibility

Conduct a thorough review of your car rental company presentation on your website by analyzing office locations, fleet details, testimonials, and other elements that make your company more trustworthy to potential clients.

Website Speed and Performance

Eliminate the chance of losing a potential client due to a slow website. With our audit service, we will test the loading time and the performance of your website, while also providing you with valuable insight that will help you optimize the speed and responsiveness.

Enhanced User Experience

A user-friendly website is vital nowadays. That is why we will make sure that your website visitors are pleased with your website and can easily make bookings. This also results in increased client satisfaction and repeated bookings.

SEO Analysis

Our SEO team of professionals will thoroughly analyze the SEO performance of your website, suggest improvements in specific areas, and give you an actionable plan that will improve your website's visibility in search engines. As a result, this will bring more organic traffic and improve the online presence of your car hire business.

Client Retention Optimization

Using our website audit service will increase your customer loyalty and stimulate repeated bookings. How? We will suggest you effective strategies to follow up with your clients and bring them back to your rent-a-car business easily. As a result, you will nurture relationships, foster long-term customer satisfaction and drive sustained revenue growth.

Turning Leads Into Sales

Use our automated lead collection and follow-up service to turn your leads into sales easily. By taking advantage of our service we will help you optimize your reservation form so it can capture more valuable leads. And by automating your processes, we will automatically send them special promotions and offers, which will stimulate bookings.

Effective Promotions

As part of our complete website audit service, we also offer a strategic promotion service that will help you boost your sales and revenue. How? Our team of experts will create promotions that are tailored to your car rental business. This will not only stimulate your clients to choose you over a competitor but also help you increase conversion rates and customer engagement.

An Approach That Works

Analyses Based On Data

We will thoroughly analyze the data on your website to get in-depth information about your customer behavior, which will help us make better decisions and target the exact areas that need improvements.

Expertise In The Industry

Our team has many years of experience in the car rental industry and knows what works and what does not. We are also aware of the latest industry trends and the best practices that bring actual results.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Every rent-a-car business has a unique approach. That is why we offer you a personalized website audit service that aligns perfectly with your specific needs and challenges. We will help you get a competitive position in the car hire market.

Price:  $899 one-time fee

Increase the potential of your car rental business today!

Bring more success to your car rental business by taking advantage of our website audit service. Allow our team of experts to thoroughly analyze your website’s performance and suggest an actionable plan for areas that need to be improved. Using our service, you will make it easier for your clients to make bookings, increase your sales and bring more revenue to your online business.

Contact us by filling out the contact form, schedule your rent-a-car website audit in a few easy steps, and start getting the most out of your online car hire business.


Do you have questions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions by other clients, and you may find the correct answer right in front of you. Of course, you can always contact us too.

What is a car rental website audit and how can it benefit my business?

An audit of your rent-a-car website stands for a detailed analysis of your website. This approach aims to find out what is your current rent-a-car website performance and to find if there are areas for improvement. This service significantly benefits your business as the analysis provides valuable insight that will help you improve your website, and increase the customer satisfaction and sales.

How does the Conversion-Optimized Call-to-Action Service work?

Our Conversion-Optimized Call-to-Action service aims to strategically create CTAs (call-to-actions) and strategically add them on your website. The main goal using CTAs is to seamlessly guide your website visitors to the one of your most important website pages - the reservation page, which will stimulate more bookings and result in increased conversion rates.

What does the "Business Credibility Check" service include?

The “Business Credibility Check” service aims to analyse the presentation of your car rental company. We will analyse your office locations, fleet details, testimonials and other elements that are used to instill trust and credibility into your potential clients.

Can you explain the process of the SEO analysis service?

We will thoroughly analyse and review the SEO performance of your rent-a-car website using advanced SEO tools. We will also analyse the keywords you are indexing for, your site structure and your backlink profile. Based on this information, we will provide you with recommendations on how we can improve your website’s visibility so you enjoy an increase in organic traffic.

How can the "Client Retention Optimization" service benefit my car rental business?

Using our “Client Retention Service” will help you strengthen the relationship between your car hire business and your customers. We will help you transform more leads into paying customers by implementing effective follow-up strategies for your old clients. As a result, your business will enjoy welcoming more repeat clients and sustained revenue growth.

What does the "Follow-Up Leads Optimization" service entail?

On our “Follow-Up Leads Optimization” service we focus on collecting your leads via your car rental reservation form. We then use this information to create compelling and automated follow-up messages that entail personalised promotions. As a result, our service will help you more straightforwardly convert your hot leads into paying customers and significantly increase your bookings.

How does the "Effective Promotions" service enhance my business revenue?

By using our “Effective Promotions” service we will help you with the creation of compelling and targeted promotions that aim to attract your client’s attention and make them choose your rent-a-car services the ones of your competitors. We will, of course, tailor the promotions to your business goals so we can ensure higher results.

How long does the car hire website audit typically take?

The time for website audit service can't be calculated precisely it depends on factors like business size and complexity of website. However on average it usually takes anywhere from few days to week. During this time we will conduct analysis of website. We will then offer you recommendations based on findings.

Will you provide ongoing support after implementing the recommended changes?

Absolutely! As part of our website audit service we also provide a lifetime support, which includes monitoring of your website’s performance after the changes are implemented to ensure the effectiveness of our service. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. We are more than happy to assist you!

Can I choose specific promotions for my rent-a-car business with the "Effective Promotions" service?

Yeah, sure! When you pick our website audit service, we gonna work together closely with you. This helps us understand your business goals and who you're trying to reach. Having this understanding, we can make custom promos that match your business model just right. Your thoughts really matter! We wanna make promos that get you the outcomes you need.

Need any help?
Need any help?