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Discover the future of efficient car rental business management.

Elevate your business with our cutting-edge car rental software. Automate your processes, streamline your business management, simplify operations, boost profits, and reduce time-consuming tasks.

Car Rental Software

Automate the process

Experience the benefits of automation with the VEVS car rental system that will contribute to the exceptional performance of your business. Simplify the online vehicle booking process for your customers and increase your operational efficiency.

Real-time vehicle availability

Our advanced car reservation software empowers your clients to effortlessly browse and book only the available vehicles, ensuring seamless booking experiences without overlapping bookings.

Instant online payments

Enhance your cash flow by enabling instant online payments through top-rated payment processing companies. VEVS Car Rental Software will not charge any transaction fees on the payments you receive.

Auto-generated agreement

VEVS car rental business software automatically generates car rental agreements with all the necessary booking information, and you can customize them as needed.

Digital signature

Ensure the understanding and acceptance of booking conditions and agreements by enabling customers to sign documents online.

Email confirmation

Set the tone for a smooth rental experience by automatically sending email confirmations to your clients during the reservation process.

Track conversions

By using the car rental booking software from VEVS, you can quickly access advanced reporting capabilities, track conversions, and make informed decisions that will increase your company's profits.

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Quick and transparent steps

Launch an always-open digital office that follows the latest industry standards and ensures a swift and hassle-free booking experience with clear, easy-to-follow steps. As a result, your reservations will be quicker and more straightforward than ever before.

Compelling car deals presentation

Showcase your vehicles more attractively by providing comprehensive information about your cars, such as features, specs, prices, and high-resolution images and videos.


Give your clients the option of adding extras such as GPS, child seats, or bike racks to their reservation and increase the number of sales you make.

Protection & Insurance

Provide your customers with the option of validating their own insurance policy or adding additional protection and coverage services to their reservations.

Checkout form

Our checkout form includes all essential fields, from personal details to secure driver's licenses and billing info, streamlining the booking process for improved customer satisfaction and more straightforward admin tasks.

Secured online payment

With VEVS Car Rental Software, clients can securely pay you online through trusted online payment providers from the comfort of their homes, wrapping up their reservations with a Thank You page.

My Booking page

Offer your clients the convenience of tracking and managing their reservations through your website's 'My Bookings' page, keeping them informed throughout the process.

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Vehicle types

Help customers quickly find the type of vehicle that suits their requirements and simplify the management of your fleet by grouping your vehicles in categories and efficiently managing their description, rates, extras and protection.

Availability calendar

Gain rapid insights into your fleet's availability and reservations using the user-friendly fleet availability calendar within VEVS Car Rental Software. Explore both weekly and monthly calendars to stay informed and up-to-date effortlessly.


Streamline fleet expense management with the car rental business software from VEVS. Record expense details - dates, categories, types, costs, and statuses (planned, cancelled, or completed) - for effortless tracking and control.


Effectively manage your fleet's maintenance needs by easily planning and scheduling repairs based on kilometres, dates, or earliest due. Set timely reminders to stay on top of maintenance tasks.

Inspection sheet

With our car rental system, you can ensure precise vehicle condition records and boost customer confidence by clicking on a single button and automatically generating a detailed pick-up inspection sheet for each reservation.


Efficiently handle vehicle damages in the rent-a-car software from VEVS using digital representations. Include photos, descriptions, and connect them to reservations and drivers for a thorough record.

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Flexible pricing

Our car reservation software lets you set flexible pricing options and adjust rates based on the rental length and demand, ensuring that you can charge more during peak seasons and less during off-peak times.

Configurable taxes

Provide clarity to customers about the total cost of their car rental by controlling how VAT and taxes are calculated and added to the total reservation price with our car rental booking software. You can also set up multiple other taxes, like tourist or city tax, in the car rental system.

Upsell extras

Generate additional revenue from each booking and increase your overall income by offering your clients the option to book extras along with their car rental reservation, such as GPS, child seat, bike racks, etc.

Promo codes

Easily create promo codes to increase customer retention. You can use these promo codes in your marketing campaigns or send them to specific clients. The VEVS car reservation software allows you to manage all aspects of the promo code offer - select vehicle types, discount locations, discount amount, discount type, etc.,

Seasonal rates

Make the most of your fleet's revenue potential by generating distinctive seasonal pricing structures. Our car rental system automatically calculates appropriate rates based on the dates provided by your clients.

Other fees

Get an additional source of revenue for your car rental company by charging additional fees for each location, for relocation, for young drivers, for different return addresses, for extra mileage, and many others.

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Reservations dashboard

With VEVS's car rental business software, you get easy access to all reservations via a user-friendly dashboard. To find reservations quickly, you can sort them by pick-up and return dates, statuses, etc.

Complete overview

Access each reservation and have complete reservation information at your fingertips. You can also make editions to each reservation, such as changing the status, pick-up date & time, add extras, and more.

Manage pickups and returns

Reduce disputes, improve customer satisfaction, and ensure the proper maintenance and documentation of your rental fleet by managing the pick-up and rental condition of your vehicles and generating inspection sheets.

Generate documents

Our rent-a-car software comes with a user-friendly document builder that allows you to quickly and easily create essential documents such as agreements, inspection sheets and more. Start easily with the built-in document templates.

Manage payments

Efficiently manage balance payments, additional charges, and security deposits with VEVS Car Rental Software. Use customer cards on file for instant charges, refunds, and security deposit authorization, capture and release (available with Stripe). You can also send payment requests via email with links or QR codes and enable clients to pay on their My Booking page. Keep records of all online and offline payments in our car rental management software.

Mobile back-end mode

Our car reservation software also offers a streamlined, efficient way to manage rental operations on-the-go. The Mobile Mode is simplified for mobile devices and gives you a quick overview of the processing reservations and access to key details and functions from your smartphone or tablet. It includes essential features for managing car pickups, returns and vehicle inspections, like taking photos, recording car usage, conditions and damages, and generating inspection sheets. The Mobile Mode ensures excellent and fast customer service out of the office.

Add reservations

In addition to facilitating online reservations, our rent-a-car software allows you to manually enter bookings received by email, phone, or in person, enabling you to keep track of all your reservations on one platform.

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Gain access to a user-friendly dashboard offering valuable insights into rental operations, enabling you to make well-informed decisions regarding fleet management, pricing strategies, and marketing efforts.


With our car reservation software, you can get access to various activities and reports, including daily reports, sales reports, fleet availability, vehicle reports, and more, and analyze them directly to increase accountability.


You can issue invoices to our customers with the VEVS car rental business software. Use our configurable invoices to present information in a clear and organized manner to your clients. Choose from multiple settings and edit the template to create custom invoices aligned with your branding.


Maintain a comprehensive record of all payments received on your website and have a complete and organized financial history. You can sort them by payment type and payment method for your convenience.

API & Export

The built-in API and Export functions let you access your rental software's data. You can create API tokens and export reservations in multiple formats - iCal, CSV, JSON, and XML. API calls can be used to check availability, prices, office information, etc.

Flexible settings

VEVS Car Rental Software also offers a number of flexible settings, including rental settings, reservations settings, and many more, to help you make the system fit your business model perfectly.

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Payment gateways

Allow your customers to book online by using one of the most widely used payment processing gateways integrated with the VEVS Car Rental Software. If you use another payment gateway, tell us what you need, and we'll set it up.

This seamless integration allows you to easily sync your VEVS vehicle availability with Turo, preventing double bookings and ensuring a seamless experience when reservations are created or cancelled in your Turo account. We take $0 commission!

Insurance verification

Get rid of tedious, manual insurance verification and embrace AXLE's speed and accuracy instead. VEVS Car Rental Software integrates with AXLE to automate the connection process to your users' insurance data in seconds and verify insurance policies.

Tolls and tickets

By integrating FleetIT, you can streamline toll collection, parking violations and camera violations. With a comprehensive set of tools, they ensure that your fleet remains efficient and profitable while travelling on toll roads.

Interactive maps

Our car reservation software also integrates with top-tier map services like Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, etc., allowing you to seamlessly embed a map displaying your location on your website, simplifying the process for your clients to locate your business.

Damages management

The DAMAGE iD software and mobile app we integrate allow you to easily keep track of the condition of your vehicle before and after the reservation by taking before-and-after photographs and videos.

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Multiple locations

With our car rental booking software, you can set up as many locations as you like, display their hours, and show the exact address on a map. You can even charge extra for after-hours pick-up and drop-off.

Vehicles at location

VEVS Car Rental Software allows you to manually assign vehicles to each location and keep better resource allocation by ensuring that your vehicles are strategically distributed to meet the demand at specific locations.

Car delivery

Make the rental process more customer-centric by providing tour clients with the flexibility to choose pick-up and return locations that are convenient for them for an additional fee. Car delivery fees can also vary based on the vehicle.

Location fees

Specify fees based on your location and get an additional source of revenue for your car rental company. Provide transparent pricing with specified location fees to your clients and reduce reservation abandonment rates.

Allocation fee

With VEVS Car Rental Software, you can make your rental business competitive by offering your customers the flexibility to return the vehicle to a different location than where it was picked up.

Working time

Set your working hours according to the high demand during certain hours or on specific dates for each location, and charge clients extra for pick-ups and returns during non-working hours. For any location, you can also set a custom working time.

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