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You don’t need to be an IT expert to have functional software and a modern website. We will give you a hand!
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2 hours
of Live Online Assistance.

2 hours of web work
to upload content, configure the software, etc.

ticket-based support service

Price: $299 to $599
*one-off fee based on industry

VEVS is a do-it-yourself software platform with user in mind. If you are proactively involved in the process and responsive to VEVS support team, these 4 hours will be enough to fully set up your software and website. During the process our professional team will assist you with any questions you may have on how to set up your system.

If the included support service time is not enough for you to fully set up your software and website, you can always purchase extra live assistance service and/or premium support. Read below what can't be completed in 4 hours.

What we do and how we help

Account Setup

  • Start VPS on Amazon
  • Assign private IP address
  • Purchase new or set existing domain name
  • Install SSL certificate
  • Configure email & SMTP settings
  • Schedule Backup & Monitoring

Software Setup

  • Upload sample inventory
  • Set prices and taxes
  • Configure all settings
  • Enable payment gateway
  • Set up email notifications
  • Customise the checkout form
  • Create documents

Website Design

  • Choose a colour theme and fonts
  • Set company details
  • Upload your logo
  • Create sample web pages
  • Design the top and footer menus
  • Set all website settings
  • Install Google Analytics / FB pixel
  • Configure SEO settings

What can NOT be done in 4 hours?

Based on our experience we know that on average 4 hours is enought time to set up your software and website with the help of our team.

However, there are certain time-consuming operations which require extra time and if you want us to do them for you, we will provide an additional quote.

Upload inventory

We will show you how to upload your inventory (vehichles, yachts, properties, etc.) and then you can do the rest yourself. Or let us know if you need us to do upload your whole invetory and we will give you an estimate.

Logo design

It takes 10 seconds to upload your logo If you have it in a suitable image format and size. However, if you need us to design, restyle, resize or optimize your logo logo, it may take up to 3 hours.

Custom document templates

You can use our default templates or create your own using the built-in editors. However, if you need to add a document/email from JPG/PDF file with specific layout, it may take us few hours to convert it.

Web pages

Using the website editor you can create as many web pages as you want. We will show you how to do it! Depending on the layout and design complexity, it may take from 15 to 150 minutes per page to be created.

Optimise all images

Using the website editor you can easily manipulate all your images - upload, crop, apply effects, optimize. However, if you require our team to manually check all your images, it will take a few hours.

Software changes

We provide custom modification services and can do almost any kind of modifications both to your website and software. We've completed projects from 1 hour to 500+ hours, so let us know what you require and will be happy to discuss it.

Full Setup Service


Let’s work together to create a website and setup software that help your business thrive!

Custom modifications

Additional Services

Need ongoing assistance with your VEVS software and website? Our dedicated customer care team will help with any aspect of it.

Live Online Assistance

Get answers to all your questions live. We will advise and provide you with online assistance to all your concerns via live call.

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Premium Support

Best for those who prefer to use our professional assistance regularly for everything related to their software and website!

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Custom Modifications

We will make custom adjustments based on your requirements to ensure that your website is a perfect fit for your company.

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Service Terms

The Account Setup service is excluded from the provided 4 hours support service.

The price for Setup Service is from $249 to $399, based on the industry. All setup services are provided via our ticket-based support system except the live online assistance included in your plan or purchased separately. The live online assistance is not mandatory, and together we will decide if it is required, a.k.a, if it will help you with the setup process. Your active collaboration and participation are necessary for the Setup Service.

The Setup Service is available for up to 3 months after the initial subscription to the VEVS services but we aim to deliver it within the first month of placing your order. If we are unable to accomplish the service within 3 months due to a lack of collaboration and information from you or no-shows on scheduled calls, we reserve the right to terminate the service.

Live Online Assistance is available by appointment only and requires screensharing from one or both sides. Hence, for maximum service performance, we require you to handle all online meetings/calls via Google Meet, Zoom or Skype on your PC or laptop. Therefore smartphones and tablets, as well as phone calls, are unsuitable for the service and will not be accepted.

If the Setup Service package does not meet your needs and you require more extensive assistance, you can request the Premium Support service or purchase extra live online assistance.

We understand if you are unable to attend a meeting due to a business, personal, or technical reason and we will gladly reschedule it.

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