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Have a complete renting solution, get quickly discovered online, serve your clients effectively and increase sales. Suitable for RV, camper, caravan, motorhome, van and trailer rentals.
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  Maximize your sales

Make online booking easier for your customers and grow your business by giving them a seamless experience. Offer your clients a complete service package by including extras and add-ons, and increase your profits.

  Have a complete renting solution

Utilize one platform to manage all of your RV rentals, caravans, or other rental inventory, allow clients to book and pay 24/7 securely, prevent overlapping bookings, and take complete control of your online business.

  Simplify your workflow

With the VEVS caravan booking software, you can manage all your rental inventory, bookings, and payments in one place, send automatic emails and SMS notifications and improve communication with your staff and clients effortlessly.

Caravan & Camper Rental Website Builder

Browse our ready to go templates and start your website. see templates

Advanced RV Rental Software

Equip your business with a technologically advanced RV reservation system that follows the progress and changes of your business and helps you serve your clients more effectively online.

Manage Inventory

Using a single software, you can manage your entire rental inventory, whether it is RVs, caravans, campers, or anything else. You can set different prices for each one, as well as different booking options and availability calendar types.

Accept online reservations

Invest in caravan booking software that allows you to take complete control of your online business. You can accept online reservations as well as manually add bookings so that you can manage all of your reservations from one place.

Receive online payments

Choose from our 14+ most popular payment gateways already integrated into your RV booking software and provide secure online payment methods to improve cash flow, simplify reporting and reconciliation, and attract more clients.

Provide flexible pricing

Maximise sales and profits and ensure your customers get good value for money by offering flexible pricing options. You can set seasonal rates, rates based on the rental length and many more.

Show real-time availability

You can optimise the booking process by broadcasting your live availability to your clients and saving them the time and effort of contacting you by email or phone to ask for availability.

Provide client accounts

Creating a client account on your website allows your customers to manage all billing information, bookings, and more. You can also track their booking history and create accounts manually if necessary.

Offer add-ons & extras

Offer your clients all the add-ons they need for their vacation, such as kitchen equipment or linens, and easily increase client satisfaction. Cancellation insurance or other extras can also be offered per reservation.

Send promo codes & discount

Create customized promo codes or discounts using the RV Rental Software to encourage your customers to book. Clients will make the booking they want for a lower price, and your business will generate more revenue.

Automate notifications

Reduce the likelihood of important information going missing and boost your customer service level by automating your critical notifications with just a few clicks via the powerful RV rental booking software.

Screenshots & Demo

View screenshots of VEVS’ RV rental booking software on the front end and on the back end to get a sense of how it works.

Camper Website Home Ppage
Camper Website Home Ppage
Caravan Rental Software Dashboard
Caravan Rental Software Dashboard
Campers & RV listing page
Campers & RV listing page
Inventory management
Inventory management
Camper details page
Camper details page
Camper availability calendar
Camper availability calendar
Reservation management calendar
Reservation management calendar
Manage clients
Manage clients

Subscription fees starting from $75 per month! see pricing

RV Website Builder

The powerful VEVS RV website builder helps you create a professional, secure, and steady website to present your services and easily grow your caravan rental business online.

Exceptional Design Use the exceptional ready-made website designs from VEVS to create a professional and visually appealing website and portrait a positive image to potential customers.

Manage Content VEVS's intuitive website builder enables you to manage and publish content easily without technical skills. Streamline creation with pre-made sections and user-friendly interfaces.

SEO optimized Besides optimizing our websites for search engines, we also provide SEO tools, such as meta tags, ALT tags, canonicals, robots.txt and sitemaps to make sure that your website's content is search engine friendly.

Mobile-friendly The VEVS RV reservation system optimizes your website for mobile devices, ensuring higher mobile traffic for your business, lower maintenance, faster pages and higher conversion rates. No further action is needed.

Easy to use
Mobile friendly
Live changes available
Add images and text
Beautiful templates
Contact forms
Advanced color and design controls
GDPR compliance made easy
Set up your sitemap
Create relevant URLs
Add a blog
Connect a custom domain
Engaging visual effects
Add unlimited pages
Manage the site menu
SEO tools
Help customers find you
Multiple users access

Dedicated to your success

Ongoing support With our ticketing system, you can always ask our experienced tech support team for unlimited technical assistance, as well as suggestions for improving your inventory rental software.

Custom web development If you need a tailor-fit solution, we offer a variety of customizations and add-ons that enable you to easily customize the software and website to fit your specific business requirements.

Setup service Should you need assistance in setting up your RV reservation system and website, we would be more than happy to help you. We provide a range of website setup services to choose from, and we will help you to achieve the best online solution for your business.

Fast & reliable hosting Our hosting services rely on Amazon Lightsail, and your RV rental website will be hosted on a Virtual Private Server. This enables us to guarantee fast-loading pages, optimal data protection, and complete autonomy for your online business.

Exceptional customer support

Before making my website with VEVS, I already had an RV rental website, which didn’t suit me. I wanted to take reservations online in a way that is straightforward and easy for my clients. So I started to look at what the other RV rental software providers could offer me.

When I tried the free trial of the VEVS RV website builder, I was amazed at how easy and quick it was to make a business website. I’ve launched my new website in less than a couple of days! The integrated caravan booking software is just excellent, and the support service is built by professionals. I would really recommend VEVS to anybody who has a small business and wants an easy and fast website solution!

Hernandez Solis

When I started my caravan rental business, I looked for a really easy and fast way to make a website and manage my business. I expected that I would need to purchase booking software to serve my reservations separately, and I was really surprised to find out that VEVS offers one built into their camper rental websites. I can control my bookings and accept payments straight from my website. That’s awesome!

But what I love the best is the customer service. I’ve sent to the VEVS team so many requests, and they’ve always replied fast with a relevant solution! I want to thank you for every help you gave me and for supporting my online business!

Josep Lustig
Owner & CEO

I am happy to provide a 5-star testimonial for the VEVS caravan booking software! As someone who has been involved in the caravan and camping industry for many years, I can say with confidence that this software is an absolute game-changer.

Firstly, the booking software is incredibly user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate and use. This means that even those not particularly tech-savvy can easily set up and use the software.

Secondly, the rental software is incredibly versatile, and with a little help from the VEVS team, we set it up to suit perfectly the specific needs of my business.

Thirdly, the RV booking software is incredibly efficient, saving time and effort for both customers and staff. With features such as online booking and payment, automated notifications, and real-time availability updates, the software streamlines the entire booking process, making it quicker and more convenient for everyone involved.

Finally, the customer support provided by the VEVS team is top-notch, with friendly and knowledgeable staff always on hand to assist with any queries or issues.

Overall, I cannot recommend VEVS caravan rental software highly enough. It has digitalized my caravan and camping business.

Edward Hoffman

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