Software integration is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

We can integrate your car rental software with any third-party software or channel management platform. We also deliver API integrations enabling one-way and two-way communication, as well as various automated feeds and export & import for all your car rental data.

Car Rental Services already integrated with VEVS Car Rental Software


Through our seamless integration with Turo, you can effortlessly synchronize your VEVS vehicle availability whenever a reservation is created or canceled via your Turo account. This frictionless integration simplifies the process of updating availability, ensuring a smooth experience and preventing any potential double bookings with Turo.

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DAMAGE iD is a web-based software and mobile app designed to create a visual record of your vehicles through before-and-after photos and videos. This versatile tool serves various industries, including car rentals, boat rentals, caravan and camper rentals, car dealerships, as well as bike and ATV rental companies, among others.

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Through our integration with FleetIT, you can streamline the automated collection of tolls and violation fees. FleetIT offers the most budget-friendly solution for handling toll-by-plate invoices, toll violations, parking violations, and camera violations. They provide a comprehensive set of tools to safeguard your vehicles on toll roads, ensuring the continued efficiency and profitability of your fleet.

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With our integration with AXLE, you can effortlessly validate insurance policies for your clients. AXLE automates this procedure, empowering you to make crucial business decisions within seconds rather than hours. Say goodbye to tedious, manual insurance verification and embrace the speed and accuracy that AXLE brings to your operations.

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Full API

We have the capacity to smoothly integrate a wide range of services into your car reservation software.

  • Bookkeeping

    Record and organize income, expenses, and other financial data, simplifying tax preparation and financial analysis.

  • GPS tracking

    These services provide accurate location data, route optimization, and geofencing capabilities, which are invaluable for vehicle tracking and management.

  • Telematics

    Telematics services collect and transmit data from vehicles to a central system. This data includes information about vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior, and performance.

  • Toll management

    Toll fee management services automate toll collection, payment tracking, and reporting, making it easier for businesses to manage toll expenses and ensure compliance.

  • Insurance verification

    Insurance verification services provide real-time validation of insurance policies to ensure that vehicles are adequately insured, reducing potential risks and liabilities.

  • Self-service

    Self-service car renting allows customers to rent vehicles without direct assistance from staff.

Car Rental Software Features
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