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Website Template

We’ve equipped your website with a number of different website templates to choose from. A website template is a pre-designed set of webpages that anyone can use to "plug-in" their own text content and images into to create a website. So instead of creating each page one by one, which requires some design and coding skills, we’ve designed and created these pages and all you need is to input your content using our intuitive content management system.

Every website template has a Home page and then based on the specific website type that you want to build there are a number of different pages. For example, Car Rental websites have a Reservation page, a Fleet page, Office Locations page, while a Real Estate website has a Properties page, Search page, and Hot Deals page.

Color Theme

For each template, there are also a number of predefined color themes to choose from.

Of course, you can also create your own custom color theme choosing the colors that match your company brand. There are 3 different colors:

  • Primary color - is the color used for most page elements such as buttons, icon, titles
  • Header/Footer color - is the color used for the background color for the website header and footer
  • Menu font color - is the color used for the menu text

When you choose your colors to make sure that they match well. For example, if you choose a dark header/footer color, it will be best to choose some light color for the Menu font. You can use some color generation services such as app to try out different colors that match well.

A very useful feature is the canvas picker which lets you easily select the colors from your logo.

Font style

Another important part of your website design is the font that you use. Choosing the right font style can improve both your overall website design and your visitors' experiences. We offer you a selection of different fonts to choose from.

Because each different font supports different symbols you will have to choose a specific font for each of the languages that you use on your website. For example, a Latin font may not support Chinese characters and hence if you use the Chinese language a Latin font will not work. That’s why the available fonts may differ from language to language. Our system will automatically suggest the best suitable font based on the language selected.

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Need any help?

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