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Manage website data using the built-in content apps

The Content Apps that come with our website builder are a number of different applications which let you edit different web pages and page sections. Such content apps are: Blog, FAQ, Testimonials, Services, Team, Careers, Partners, Offers, etc..

You can enable and disable any of the available apps that come with your website. If some of the apps are missing just let us know and we will add them for you for free.

The content that you edit within this Content Apps is based on content items. For example for the Blog app an item is each blog post; for the FAQ app an item is each question & answer; for the Team app is each team member that you manage.

Depending on the app that you use there are different fields for each item. An FAQ app has - Question, Answer, Order fields, while the Blog app has publish date, title, author, short description, body, image fields. You can add an unlimited number of items for each of the content apps - unlimited FAQ, unlimited blog posts, unlimited testimonials, etc..

Each Content App has a separate web page on your website where the content (the items you add) are displayed. The Blog app has a blog page where all blog posts are shown, the FAQ app has its own FAQ page where all questions and answers are shown. Under the Settings page for the respective Content App you can see the URL and page name for its web page. There are a number of different layouts to choose from for each content page.

Based on the specific Content App there are also a number of available settings that can be set - if the content app items show be shown on the website home page or on own web page; number of items to be shown; how to order the items; etc..

If you disable a content app it will also disable the web page for that content app.

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