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Start blogging to grow your car rental business

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Start blogging to grow your car rental business

Most companies, and surely you as well, know that your online presence is a must when it comes to growing your rent-a-car business. Think of your website blog as the core of all your efforts concerning marketing. Your blog would make the difference that you’d see in your traffic statistics later.

I know that sometimes, the skills you have to run your rent-a-car business and writing for your blog don’t come together, so you might consider having someone help you with it. Your valuable experience and another person’s excellent writing skills would be a killer combination for your advertising online.

In this blog, we will share with you 8 tips that will help you write a better blog. We will also talk about how to get FREE blog posts for your car rental company, so stay tuned and make sure to read till the end!

Run your blog on your website’s domain

Your blog would be most useful when it’s on your domain. I know that not all rent-a-car websites are equipped with such functionality. So, VEVS Car Rental Software and Website team can add a blog to your car rental website (among many other extras) and you can start engaging with your customers more and more often on various subjects that they should find interesting. Find reasons to create a new blog post every week. One could be highlighting a story with a happy customer or how well you maintain your vehicles. Occasionally, you could post something funny but again related to the car rental business. It would create a friendly and casual vibe that’s appealing to the reader and even get shared with others.


Let them know you care!

Your blog is the nicest place to talk about the customer service that you offer. There are thousands of rent-a-car companies out there, but are all of them to be trusted right off? Probably not. Be open about the way you treat your customers, how you’d cater their needs or the steps you do to prepare your vehicles before being rented. Speak about the weaknesses you have improved, and you are now proud of. There is no harm in being honest and showing that you are responsible for your business and you are not just going with the flow.


Use the Power of words

Write only about stuff you are sure about or you have trusted sources. At the same time try to keep it simple. Your blog is not a book and doesn’t have to look like one if it belongs to your car rental website. Your audience would most likely be other busy people like you who are looking for particular information, service or advice. If your text is too long, readers would most likely get bored soon. However, if it’s too short, they won’t trust you enough or care to listen to the advice you are giving out. Do good research or look back into your experience to find out what your audience would be most interested in and you will appear in their search results. See a list of suggestion what to write about in your rent a car blog.


Car Rental Website - blog

It’s good for your SEO

Your blog would help you build up your company’s popularity. By using the right keywords related to the car rental business you are going to increase the traffic to your website. Not to mention, that you’d gradually increase the amount of content on your website which would improve your SERP rankings (search engine results page).

Think about writing not just about your business. Do you work in a city that is a tourist destination? Then that’s a good chance to include it in your articles because it’s likely that most of the people planning their trip there would be looking around some quality car rental services. Use the universal combination combining “car rental” + “your destination” to score better traffic statistics. Imagine you are a tourist guide and share the highlights about your surroundings. Write about some exciting celebrations you may have or unique past events that describe the character of the location. Talk about the local people and nature. And last but not least, since you are offering cars for rent, give out ideas about where people could go by car, how far it is, why it’s worth going there. And to prove your point, always share an appealing photo here or there along the lines.


Don’t over-promote yourself

It’s very tempting to promote your services, especially when you are writing on your rent-a-car website, and there’s no one that can stop you. At the same time, most of your readers would be closing your site away once they feel that all you care about is a promotion. If you are too pushy, this could mean that you are not completely honest with them. A gentle way to still do some call to action is to have the following strategy: Give - Give - Give - ASK! There is nothing wrong with asking for something in return for all the valuable tips you’ve been giving away. Once in a while, you could kindly invite your readers to check out what you are offering as well.


Be social

You can go without the standard Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles if you want to reach a bigger audience. Whenever you post a new blog post, you must share it on your social profiles. The chances of being noticed increase if you also sponsor some of your Facebook posts occasionally. Once you start gaining new followers, they would begin to “like” your posts and hopefully re-share them for their friends to see.

You may know this already, but whoever is following you on the social networks, would definitely wait to see another update from you there, rather than going to your car rental website directly and checking if there is anything newly posted.


Consider guest posting

There would always be some audience that you haven’t reached yet. Guest posting is a brilliant way to get the word out about yourself and connect with new people from time to time. Blogging takes a lot of time, and some bloggers often offer guests to write on their blogs. It’s like a favour exchange and an excellent way to create backlinks to your website.


Share buttons

There would be people who will find the information you provided on your website or the nice story you wrote useful. So, at the end of each article, you need to have one, two or all of these share buttons to make it easy for those people to spread the word about you.

If there are no social share buttons sitting there, being so so obvious, no matter how excited your readers are about your article, they could just skip the part by copying your link and posting it elsewhere - two unnecessary actions. When our own time is so precious, we intuitively choose not to do something that is not directly related to our good being or benefit.

Starting your rent-a-car business blog may have begun to look like a challenging task, but if you are consistent, it becomes a very natural thing. Never stop browsing for inspiration because you’d never know where new ideas might come from. Also, feel free to check our car rental website templates on VEVS.com further and learn more effective practices to put into action.


Crafting blog posts can be quite challenging, requiring substantial effort and skill. However, VEVS is here to lend you a helping hand. We not only offer you FREE blog post creation for your car rental company but also an entire package of initial SEO services, all free of charge, exclusively for our esteemed VEVS clients. If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, we invite you to visit our exclusive page dedicated to Free SEO Services For Car Rental Companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What specific metrics should I track to measure the success of my blog in growing my car rental business?

It's important to focus on a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics. Quantitative metrics include website traffic, specifically the number of unique visitors to your blog, which indicates the reach of your content. Engagement metrics such as time spent on the page, bounce rate, and the number of comments can also help you understand how compelling your content is to your audience. Conversion rates, particularly tracking how many blog readers take a specific action like filling out a contact form or making a booking, are crucial for measuring the direct impact of your blog on business growth. Additionally, tracking the ranking of your blog posts for targeted keywords can provide insights into your SEO progress and how well you're capturing organic search traffic.

How often should I update my blog for optimal SEO and engagement benefits?

There isn't really a one-size-fits-all answer, as it depends on your resources, the competitiveness of your niche, and your audience's preferences. However, consistency is key. Our experience shows that regular updates, whether weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, can help improve your site's SEO and keep your audience engaged. It's also important to maintain a balance between quality and quantity; high-quality, informative posts that add value to your readers can have a more significant impact than frequent, low-quality posts.

Can you provide examples of successful car rental blogs or posts?

Successful blogs often feature a mix of content types, including destination guides, tips for travelers, vehicle reviews, and customer stories. These blogs not only provide valuable information to readers but also incorporate keywords strategically to improve SEO. Analyzing these blogs can offer insights into effective blogging strategies, such as how to structure posts, topics that resonate with the audience, and how to integrate calls-to-action subtly. Engaging with these examples can inspire ideas for your own blog and help you tailor your content strategy to meet your business goals and audience needs.


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