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Optimize your content to increase the traffic to your Car Rental Website

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Optimize your content to increase the traffic to your Car Rental Website

If you want to increase the traffic to your car rental website (and I'm sure you do because it can never be enough), then this is the right article to read!

The purpose of your business website is to be the place where customers can receive broader information about the services you offer and, of course, purchase those services. This is impossible if nobody comes to your website and could have a truly discouraging effect on you. The best way to attract more customers to your site and to make it easier to find is by including relevant keywords into your content. You don't need to be an SEO expert to get the hang of it all. Usually, the main problem is that you are not following a proven system that can lead to your car rental website gaining more visitors (and clients). So, in order to attract more free traffic from organic search to your website, you need to consider spending some time on optimization.

First, you need to check your current traffic statistics to compare them with those after the SEO. You wouldn't know if your efforts have been helpful if you have no idea about your starting point.

But where do I see my website stats?

You need to have a Google Analytics code integrated into your website. Here is a short guide from Google on how to do this. Once you've had it for a couple of days, you will be able to see some statistics generated for your car rental website. But before you get confused by all the metrics available for you to follow, just pay attention to the most important ones, which are:

- Number of unique visitors
- Pageviews
- Average time on site
- Bounce rate (people who had a quick look at your homepage and left immediately)
- Traffic sources

Create a routine to check your website traffic as often as possible or every other day. If you are acquainted with the data that you collect, you will be able to manage it and go towards a direction with a positive outcome for your website and your car rental business. Besides, you will be able to see the results of the different tactics you have tested.

Improve your content marketing strategy

You may have a blog where you publish killer posts once or twice a week, but something can still be not quite good as it should be. Ensure you post the right content relevant to the car rental industry! Giving more engaging and compelling titles to your blog posts and social publications would attract more customers to check you out and see what this is all about.

Make sure you have targeted the right audience

Find out what your potential clients want to see or read and what would make them stick around longer and eventually make a purchase. Getting to know your target audience takes time. If you already have enough experience in your field of business, try to sit and write a list of all the questions and requests you have received from your clients. Some could sound obvious, others a bit strange, but they will all tell you what customers need.

Use the Google Keyword planner to find the hottest words and phrases being searched in your niche and include them in your blog posts. Ask people questions: "Do you know who created the first car rental company?” and provoke their curiosity and pro-activeness. Create a sense of urgency. But always bring value to them so that once they close your page, something stays in their minds and hopefully makes them come back again.

Optimize some of your old content whenever you get a couple of spare hours. The fact that it's old doesn't mean that it would be of no use to you in the future. As long as it has a place on your blog, it matters (to your SEO rankings). You can read through the paragraphs out loud and see where the natural line breaks should come and just hit the Enter key!

Use some eye-catching photos that would immediately draw attention to your social posts and articles. The human brain is always attracted to bright and colorful objects and this is your time to test this theory out. Add a nice and engaging story to this image. Talk about some common issues or point out the benefits that you find in the car rental industry. There is always an interesting matter to discuss if you are devoted to communicating with your audience.

Stay trendy and close to your niche when working on your car rental website's content! Your articles are likely to attract different types of visitors, so bring some variety there as well. Explore various topics and share your experience with your readers. That would help you win their trust and get to know them better!


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