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Car Rental Company Banners: Why Are They A Winning Strategy? Download Free Templates

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Car Rental Company Banners: Why Are They A Winning Strategy? Download Free Templates

Banners are underestimated. Like, for real! For centuries, they have been used to promote countless services, and they are one of the most effective traditional marketing tools ever used! With the rise of the digital marketing era, many marketers, enterprises, and businesses have forgotten the importance of traditional marketing tools. They are, however, still extremely powerful!

1. How could a Banner help your car rental business?

Believing or not, people still look at the banners on the streets, at the local shop, or even online. Although the effectiveness of using banners cannot be measured, their ultimate power is the generation of the feeling of "I know that brand" when seeing the same image multiple times.

As a result, placing banners around the most famous city spots is a good strategy for a car rental company—for example, near airports, landmarks, famous restaurants, or any other popular tourist destination.

This method will help your car rental company quickly build strong brand awareness and, as a result, increase reservations.

2. Free banner templates to download.

By working with many worldwide car rental companies, Our VEVS Car Rental Software team have seen a vast variety of banners used by them, and we know which are good and which will help you skyrocket your car rental business right away!

So, to make your job easier, our team of car rental experts with over 16 years of experience has created the best and most effective banner templates for you. You can use the pre-made template or customise it with your company indicators directly in Canva by adding your logo, company name, contact information, and so on.

Click the images below to access the ready-made banner templates. The image will take you to a Canva page where you can log in with your Google account, edit the templates and download them in the desired format.

A quick tip: you can incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy as well.

Banner Template 1:

Banner Template 1

Banner Template 2:

Banner Template 1

Banner Template 3:

Banner Template 1

Banner Template 4:

Banner Template 1


A car rental company's brand awareness is critical. To reach more clients, you need to be well-known in the city. So, our VEVS Car Rental Software experts’ advice is not to rely solely on digital marketing strategies. Instead, use traditional marketing tools such as banners as well, and you'll be well on your way to success!

If you still need to get powerful car rental software and a professional website for your rental company, take advantage of our 7-day free trial to discover what we have to offer. You will not be disappointed, I promise!

Our Facebook and Instagram feeds also provide some valuable ideas for establishing a successful business, so remember to follow us there too.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to share your ideas! We would love to discuss your business growth with you!

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