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Case Study: Initial On-Site SEO Optimization For MasterDrive Car Rentals

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Case Study: Initial On-Site SEO Optimization For MasterDrive Car Rentals

MasterDrive Car Rentals is a company based in Bridgetown, Barbados. As one of the most visited cities in Barbados, Bridgetown is famous for its beaches, cultural attractions, and nightlife. It is one of the favourite destinations of many tourists from all over the world, and considering that the transport is mainly done by car, it also results in the establishment of many companies in the car rental sector. This, of course, brings with it many challenges for all newly founded companies, such as MasterDrive Car Rentals. So, to get a competitive advantage in this highly competitive market, the company decided to take advantage of our initial On-site SEO Services.

The VEVS SEO team has created a list of tasks that need to be completed in order for MasterDrive Car Rentals' website to perform better and produce better results. These tasks include:

1. Thorough Keyword Research:

In order to get a good place for the MasterDrive Car Rentals website on search engine results pages, the VEVS SEO team started a comprehensive process. However, they started by looking at the company's core operations, what makes it different from other companies, and its unique selling proposition. Also, they did a lot of searching for words on different websites. Then, they made a list of good words for MasterDrive Car Rentals. After that, the VEVS SEO team and the company owner worked together to pick the best words that were supposed to bring the most optimal outcomes.

2. Meta Tags & ALT tags optimization:

After choosing the right keywords that describe the company’s activity the best, the VEVS SEO team changed the Meta tags of all web pages and the ALT tags of all images on the website by incorporating those relevant keywords. This would help the company’s position in search engines and ensure that it is displayed in the frontmost position.

3. Creation Of Additional Content:

The main drawback with the MasterDrive Car Rentals’ website, as with any other newly launched website, is the lack of textual content. So, the creation of additional content was crucial in this case. The VEVS SEO team offered to the company owner two options:

  1. To create a dedicated blog section and generate blog posts on topics that would be of high interest to their audience.
  2. To create additional web pages on the website with helpful information.

After discussing the alternatives with the company owner, we agreed to create a new “Places to Visit” drop-down menu with three web pages showing three of the most popular places to visit with a rent-a-car in Barbados. As a result, the MasterDrive Car Rentals website started indexing more pages in search engine results pages, and there was more room for adding more relevant keywords.

MasterDrive Car Rentals


As part of our Website Audit service, the initial SEO optimization services of VEVS Car Rental Software had a significant impact on the MasterDrive Car Rentals website. They turned it into a friendlier, faster and more organized rent-a-car website.

Additionally, the inclusion of extra "Places to Visit" pages transformed the website into an attractive hub for their clients. They could now access valuable information about exciting vacation destinations in Barbados. This also aided search engine crawlers in scanning more pages due to the integration of relevant keywords. This, in turn, boosted the overall SEO performance.

If you want to enhance your online business's profitability, consider leveraging our initial SEO services. Let us assist you in optimizing your website for search engines.

"I would love to share my experience with everyone about the VEVS Software. First off let me say that the customer service is excellent. They response timing is very fast. I find that the staff is very friendly, hard working and always willing to help. In my experience using the VEVS Software was a bit challenging at first given that it was the first time I was using the Software. The VEVS team got on a call with me and went through the process and give alot of guidance and information to help me understand.

Today I stand proud to say that the system is amazing, the software is user friendly, the staff response in 1 day or less and you are assured that you will get answers. They help with so much different functions, from helping you set up the website, to helping with SEO, to customizing and much more. Although I did the customizing of the website on my own they still gave advice and added to it to help improve and develop the awareness of the website.

I would highly and will recommend persons who are doing rentals to use the VEVS Software. Its user friendly and the staff is very welcoming."


CEO of MasterDrive Car Rentals

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