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Initial On-Site SEO Optimization For Ebes Miami Car Rental

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Initial On-Site SEO Optimization For Ebes Miami Car Rental

Ebes is a fairly new car rental company based in Miami, Florida. As a newly launched rent-a-car business, its primary goal is to attract new clients and increase its brand awareness. So they decided to take advantage of the initial SEO Services the VEVS Car Rental Software provides.

The main goal of VEVS was to execute SEO tactics for the initial optimization of Ebes’s website for search engines, which means adding more textual content to the site, meta tags, changing images file names, adding ALT tags, improving the page speed and many other things to improve the website performance and overall online presence. Here are more details of the methods that we have employed to improve the Ebes Miami website performance.

Methods Employed:

1. Thorough Keywords Research:

To ensure that Ebes’s website is using the right keywords, we conducted thorough research using various keyword research tools. After creating a list of suitable keywords that describe their business the most, we sift through the keywords and leave only the ones that will bring the best results. Those keywords were then actively incorporated into the meta tags, content creation and image ALT tags, for better SEO results.

Keywords Research

2. Creation Of Dedicated Blog Section

The best way to incorporate more keywords and have more pages indexed from the search engines is to generate more textual content either by adding more web pages on your website, or by creating blog posts. After discussing the alternatives with the owner of Ebes Miami - Juan, we decided that it would be best to create a dedicated blog section. That way after our initial help of creating three blog posts, they could continue generating more blogs. So the VEVS SEO team created three blogs for Ebes Miami on topics that would be of high interest to their clients. We also included relevant keywords in the content so that this could increase the overall SEO performance of Ebes Miami’s website.

Creation Of Dedicated Blog Section

3. Meta Tags Optimization

One of the most important parts when optimizing the website for search engines is adding Meta tags to each site page. So to ensure that Ebes’s web pages are ranking well on SERP, we added/reworked the meta title and meta description of each page by incorporating relevant keywords.

4. Image Optimization

When increasing the SEO performance of the website, optimizing the images is a crucial factor too. That is why the VEVS SEO team has changed the image file names and ALT tags of all images on Ebes’s website. We also included keywords in the description which will help the website rank higher in search engine results pages. Additionally, we optimized the file size of all images, which will further improve the website loading speed.

Image Optimization


Thanks to the SEO optimization services provided by VEVS, Ebes’s website became more user-friendly, fast, and organized. Adding additional content in the form of blog posts transformed the website into one engaging place where Ebes’s clients could gain more insight into exciting places to visit while they are on vacation in Miami. And by generating additional content and incorporating relevant keywords, crawlers could scan more pages, which helps the overall SEO performance of the website.

Also, by optimizing the image sizes, file-names and adding ALT tags, VEVS successfully boosted the website's loading speed, which led to quicker page load times, reducing bounce rates and improving the overall user experience.

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