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Case Study: Optimizing Instant Car Rental's SEO

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Case Study: Optimizing Instant Car Rental's SEO

Client Background

Instant Car Rentals, a thriving car rental company based in Atlanta, sought to enhance its online presence and attract more customers through its website. Recognizing the importance of a strong digital footprint, they partnered with the VEVS SEO team to improve their website and implement a comprehensive SEO strategy.


The following were the goals that our SEO team set for itself:

  1. To improve the website's search engine ranking, particularly on Google.
  2. To increase organic traffic to the website.
  3. To enhance user experience and engagement on the site.
  4. To position Instant Car Rentals as a leading car rental service in Atlanta.

Strategies and Implementation

1. Keyword-Rich Meta Tags

Our team meticulously added meta tags to every web page, focusing on relevant keywords that potential customers are likely to use. This included location-based terms and industry-specific jargon, ensuring higher visibility in search engine results.

2. Optimizing Images with ALT-Tags

We optimized all website images with descriptive ALT-tags. This not only improved the site's accessibility for visually impaired users but also helped search engines understand and rank the site's content more effectively.

3. Fine-Tuning Image File Names

Each image file was renamed with relevant keywords, making them more search engine friendly and improving the site's overall SEO score.

4. Engaging Textual Content

Our content team generated engaging, informative blog posts, incorporating long-tail, location-targeted keywords. These posts addressed topics of high interest to the client's target audience, establishing the company as a knowledgeable industry leader.

Engaging Textual Content

5. Creating a Robots.txt File and Sitemap

We developed a robots.txt file and a comprehensive sitemap, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index the website, thus enhancing its visibility.

6. Website Structure

The website's structure was overhauled to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. This restructuring not only improved user experience but also positively impacted the site's search engine rankings.

7. Compelling CTAs

We implemented strategically placed, compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) across the website, effectively guiding visitors towards booking and inquiries, thereby increasing conversion rates.

8. Optimizing Image Sizes

To improve page load times, a critical factor in SEO, we optimized all image sizes without compromising on quality, ensuring a faster, more efficient user experience.

9. Expanding Content

The website's content was expanded to cover a broader range of topics relevant to the car rental industry, thereby attracting a wider audience and improving search engine rankings.

10. Mobile Device Optimization

With a significant number of users accessing websites via mobile devices, we ensured that the site was fully optimized for mobile, offering a seamless experience across all devices.

11. Strengthening Internal Links

We enhanced the internal linking structure to ensure users and search engines could navigate the site easily, distributing page authority and ranking power throughout the site.

12. Website Design Overhaul

Understanding the importance of first impressions, we redesigned the website to be more visually appealing and user-friendly, significantly enhancing the overall user experience.

Website Design Overhaul


After implementing these strategies, Instant Car Rentals witnessed a remarkable improvement in their online presence:

  1. Increased Google Ranking: The website now appears on the first page of Google search results for targeted keywords.
  2. Enhanced User Engagement: The revamped website design and content led to increased user engagement and longer visit durations.
  3. Boost in Organic Traffic: The SEO optimizations led to a substantial increase in organic traffic, drawing more potential customers to the site.


The collaboration between Instant Car Rentals and the VEVS SEO team demonstrates the transformative power of a well-executed SEO strategy. By focusing on comprehensive, user-centric optimizations, the company not only enhanced its online visibility but also provided a superior experience to its customers, setting a new standard in the car rental industry.

If you are looking to achieve similar results and wish to propel your business to the forefront of the digital landscape, we invite you to reach out to us. Share your goals and let us tailor an SEO strategy that aligns perfectly with your business needs. Don't forget to explore our SEO service page, where you'll find detailed insights into what our services entail, along with other inspiring case studies of car rental businesses that have successfully revamped their SEO strategies and are now flourishing online.

Embrace the opportunity to redefine your online presence. Contact us today, and let's embark on a journey to elevate your business in the ever-evolving digital world.

Client Testimonial:

"I recently had the privilege of working with Valeria and the VEVS SEO team to enhance the online visibility of my business, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! From the initial contact, the team exhibited a high level of professionalism and expertise, providing a comprehensive suite of SEO services tailored to our specific needs.

Their approach included everything from creating keyword-rich meta tags and generating engaging content to optimizing images and improving our website's structure. Valeria was especially attentive to our queries, offering detailed explanations and ensuring we understood each aspect of the service. Her patience and willingness to adapt to our pace and preferences were particularly commendable. One aspect that stood out was their focus on educating us about SEO.

They ensured that we understood the process and the nature of SEO as a long-term strategy. The team went above and beyond, including the integration of our social media profiles and managing our Google Ads campaign, demonstrating their commitment to providing a holistic digital marketing solution. The results speak for themselves. Our website has undergone a significant transformation, both in terms of design and performance. The new design is user-friendly, and the updated content is rich with targeted keywords, enhancing our search engine rankings. The regular updates and transparent communication throughout the process have been incredibly reassuring.

In summary, VEVS SEO services have not just met but exceeded our expectations. The team's dedication, expertise, and customer-centric approach have been instrumental in elevating our online presence. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their digital footprint. Thank you, Valeria and the VEVS team, for your exceptional work!"

Yaacov Roth

Owner of Instant Car Rental

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