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Your car rental software and website does not help your business? 7 things to consider and improve.

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Your car rental software and website does not help your business? 7 things to consider and improve.

While a website can be an excellent avenue for making some significant earnings for your car rental business, it usually turns out that a lot of things have to be considered and efforts input to turn the site into beneficial marketing and sales channel. Many first-time website owners feel that all their endeavours have gone in vain because their beautiful site is not generating as much business and revenue as they expected.

There are many reasons for that situation, and today we will look at the most prominent ones and also provide you with solutions so that your rent-a-car website not only looks good but is a functional and useful tool for the betterment of your business. That is especially crucial for rent a car business as a lot of it depends on what impression the users have of your website, and the slightest shortcoming can mean the loss of a customer.

1) The responsiveness of a website: this is something very important that is often overlooked by web developers. Today, the internet is not just accessed on the same type of device with a similar sized screen. There are so many devices out there with each one of them having their screen sizes and aspect ratios that it is nowhere feasible for a website to be designed keeping a single spec in mind. As such, what might work on your computer might not work on someone else's tablet or mobile. Since you will be getting an equal share of visitors using different devices your website should be compatible with all of them and should be rendered legibly and beautifully in each one of them. This is what is meant by responsiveness. If your car rental website is not responsive irrespective of how good the content is or how breathtakingly beautiful the design is, the visitor will leave the site as all the different parts of a website are in the wrong places. Instead of a neatly arranged portal of good information, the end user ends up with a weird Kaleidoscope of images and text.

People on vacations and journey will mostly end up using car rental company services and as such won't be using your website on a PC or a laptop. Instead, they will be on one of the multiple mobile devices available today, and your website should be displayed equally well on all of them.

So what is the way out of the same you might ask? There are a lot of things that go into making a website responsive thankfully with VEVS Car Rental Software and Website, you do not have to worry about any of them. Our platform is designed in such a way that all you have to do is choose one of the available designs, and we take care of all the intricacies used in making a website responsive. Every VEVS Car Rental Website works perfectly on all the different types of devices in use today. A responsive website means that you will have a wider reach and therefore increase your potential customer base.

2) Multi-language support: This is especially crucial when your clientele includes International customers. It is almost impossible to learn every language that your potential customer might speak. It will also be an expensive proposition to hire people that speak all these different languages. Curating the content will be another headache. In the end, you will be left with a lot of frustration and the uncertainty of not knowing whether the website has been translated correctly into all the other languages that you need. Again VEVS Car Rental Software and Website comes to the rescue as we have industry leading tech when it comes to multilingual support. You can add any language to your website, and we can help you with the text translation so that you can be assured that your rent-a-car website will be of exceptional quality in all the languages that you choose to publish it in.

Car Rental Reservation System

3) A faulty car rental management system: Most of the online users are on the internet looking to rent a car that is easy and does not make them jump through hoops. Therefore, if a website does not have an intuitive interface, they will abandon your website. Building a car reservation system from scratch is very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

It is also one of the most crucial elements of a rent a car service as it should ask the minimal amount of questions from the customer but provide them all the relevant information such as cost-based on either the duration or distance, availability, etc.

VEVS Car Rental Software and Website solution has simplified the process by implementing one of the best car rental management systems out there. It makes it easy for both you in the backend to manage it as well as for a visitor to use. The car rental software that we offer has been put through multiple tests and checks to eliminate any unnecessary steps. This will allow even the not so tech-savvy customers to use your website with ease thus giving your rent a car business a boost.

4) An outdated website: Another thing you need to understand is that the internet is constantly evolving and is perhaps the fastest growing of all the technologies that we possess. This means that whatever is in use today might get discarded tomorrow. A great example of this is ‘Flash,' and it used to be implemented for animations in the past but are no longer supported. If your car hire website uses something like that which is a technology no longer supported by modern browsers and devices, then it will lead to a sour experience for visitors to your site, and that is the last thing you need for your rent a car website. They can also receive security warnings as using an outdated platform will mean that it has many security flaws that could be potentially exploited. This will end the trust visitors will have on your website, and they won't think twice about taking their business elsewhere.

VEVS Car Rental Software and Website platform uses only the very latest and most secure of web technologies, and it continually keeps updating itself on its own. That means that you don't have to worry about updating your website manually. Just create it once with us and VEVS will handle the rest.

5) The rent-a-car website is slow or down a lot: Without getting too technical, the text, images and everything else that makes up your website are usually stored in a remote server somewhere. If the hosting service you use doesn't offer good servers then many times people will enter your website's address but will get an error. They can also take too long to load which is not better either.

It is like a death blow especially if your website provides a service like a car rental as it is time critical and people won't wait for your website to come back online as most modern travelers are on a strict itinerary and even if they are not, no one likes to wait.

A slow loading or offline site will also mess with things like reservation, payment and service management. VEVS Car Rental Software and Website takes care of that as well. Any website you create with us will be hosted on the most secure and reliable servers with redundancies built into it, and that means that your website will always be online and will load fast. This sort of seamless service will make the visitors keep coming back to your car rental site.

6) Your website appears shady even if it is not: the modern online user is very wary when it comes to anything on the internet. It is a well-known fact that there are as many unscrupulous websites as there are genuine ones. If your website appears even the least bit shady, then your prospective customers will be gone before you can even blink your eyes. The best way to assure the visitors to your website that it represents a legitimate business is by sharing information like contact details, addresses, photos, testimonials, etc., that are real and not some generic stuff. VEVS Car Rental Software and Website solution have plenty of options that allow you to display such information prominently on your website - About Us page, Services page, FAQ, Terms of Booking, Office locations. This will remove any fear or trepidation people might have and will be okay to spend their time and money on your website. Check “Win your customers with a creative and inspiring About Us page” blog for more information on how to write the content on your website About Us page.

Car Rental Website SEO

7) People aren't aware of your website: Ask anyone who has ever shopped for commercial space and they will tell you that the price of such a place is determined by how much footfall the place receives. You could have the most lavish shop in the area, but if it is not in a prime location, then it won't generate much revenue. It is very much similar to the world of websites. You could design the most awesome and superior website, but if people aren't aware of it, then they simply will not come. This is also the biggest issue faced by people who have their websites built by someone else, and even though it looks fine, it never lives up to your needs and expectations. The reason for this lies in the backend.

Search engines are the most significant avenue for bringing in new traffic to your website. The problem is that there are millions of websites out there and the search engine has to choose some 8 to 10 to display on the first page of results. Where your rent-a-car site is displayed in the search results is decided by your website's rankings which in turn is determined by how optimized your website is. You could be providing the best car rental service, but people should know of it to use it.

Optimizing your car hire website for search engines or SEO (read more about “On-Site SEO Fundamentals”), which is the technical term for it, is more of an art. There are no hard and fast rules, but if you know what you are doing then you can easily make your website do wonders when it comes to rankings, and VEVS Car Rental Software and Website team knows every trick in the book to achieve that. Everything from the images to the slugs will be perfectly optimized for SEO. You will also have intimate access to all the tags, Meta descriptions, titles, file names, etc. so you can manage them better. VEVS will make sure that search engines find your website irresistible and rank it as high as possible and keep improving the ranking. We even take care of indexing in all the different languages your website caters to. Read our “Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website” to learn what to do to increase your website traffic.

All these reasons make VEVS Car Rental Software and Website solution your perfect ally in ensuring that not only is your car rental website stunning to look at but also smooth and secure functional for your users. We have years of experience and an enviable record when it comes to designing websites for car rental services. Choose VEVS, and you will have a jack of all trades that is excellent at everything it does.

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