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How To Promote Your Website For Free & Increase Your Website Traffic

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How To Promote Your Website For Free & Increase Your Website Traffic

Traffic. It is one of the key ingredients for any website. Why? Because without traffic, how are you going to gain new clients for your service? How are you going to increase your customers for your eCommerce business and sell more products? Traffic is highly important and paid traffic methods can often be expensive and require experts in order to execute correctly, and lead to a positive ROI.

You may be sat there, wondering where to get free website traffic or how to generate free website traffic. That is why we have created this blog post, outlining 10 proven places you can promote your website. This will not only increase your traffic, but you won’t spend a penny in the process!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to writing content that is rich in keywords and phrases in order to rank within search results for said keywords and phrases. SEO is a free way to increase traffic to your website. Although, nowadays it is much harder to rank for keywords and phrases simply because of the amount of competition, however, do not be discouraged as the level of competitiveness depends on your specific niche and industry. SEO, when carried out effectively, can still have a huge impact on traffic levels. Plus, it is free!

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Social Media is not only great for increasing the exposure of your brand or business, but each Social Media platform has its own features for promoting website links. Facebook allows you to include your website link in the about section of your facebook page, the call to action (CTA) and within your published posts. Instagram gives you the ability to add a link in your bio, and a swipe up link within your Instagram stories (only for accounts with 10,000+ followers). Read more How and Why You Should Use Instagram For Your Business. Twitter allows you to add a link within your bio, and a link within your tweets (Twitter Posts). By making sure you have your website link properly covered across all your Social Media accounts, you are making it easy for anyone that views your accounts to visit your website, therefore increasing your website traffic.


Pinterest is believed by many to be a Social Media platform, however, if you think that you would be wrong! Pinterest is actually a search engine, therefore by utilising and implementing effective SEO practices, you can rank your pins successfully and drive a lot of free traffic to your website. Pinterest gives you the ability to add a website link to your pins. By using Pinterest to promote pages on your website (that will be of interest to Pinterest users such as blog content) you can increase your traffic. Alongside, including a website link within your pins, you can add your link to your Pinterest account bio (if you have a business account)


LinkedIn is a brilliant business tool and one that allows you to share content, create new relationships and connect with your ideal clients and business owners. You can promote your website content and service pages for free on Linkedin, either through published content or direct messages and conversations. There is nothing better than having pre-qualified website traffic that is already interested in what you have to offer. If you are providing a service such as providing websites for small and medium-sized companies, helping them to get online quickly and painlessly and giving them the ability to start serving their clients right after launch, once a business owner from LinkedIn visits your website, your main job is to show that you are the ones to provide said service to them.

Google My Business

This is something that every business needs and can easily setup. It allows you to display your business as a listing on Google and include all the relevant and necessary information about your business, including your website link. Users that find your listing can click through directly to your website.


Medium is a platform that allows you to share written content, much like blog posts or news articles. By promoting your blog content on both your website and medium, you can use the platform as another way to drive traffic and interested users to your website's product or service pages. Publishing on Medium is free and the stories you publish are distributed to your followers, as well as millions of readers who follow relevant topics.

Guest Blogging

By publishing blog posts on other businesses websites, you can both benefit from SEO, in the form of a backlink and allow their users to be exposed to your business, therefore exposing them to your website link, which will, in turn, increase your website traffic. A good method to find blogs you would want to guest blog on is to perform a Google search for websites within the same niche or industry as your brand/business and create a spreadsheet of about 30-50 websites. Then, you can get in touch with them via their contact form on their website or via their contact email, and ask if they would be interested in guest blogging.


Yelp is a business directory, where businesses can list themselves and other business owners or clients can search for businesses to work with. Yelp is free to use and promote your business. You can add your website link and use the exposure to benefit from free traffic.

Email Marketing

An email list is one of every business's greatest marketing assets, and with many platforms offering free plans, you can get started growing your list today. You can then send out newsletters to your subscribers full of information and lead them through to your website or sales page.

Free Classified Ads

Free classified ad sites will allow you to sell your products/services without spending money on advertising costs. Some of the top sites include Craigslist, Gumtree, Classified Ads & Adpost. You can directly link your ads to your product or service pages located on your website.

We hope that this list was useful for you and we know that if you put in the effort, execute on the methods we recommended, and place your website in front of as many eyeballs as possible, you will achieve some brilliant results!

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