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Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Today's world has become centered around the internet and no matter which business is concerned it needs to have a high digital footprint. The first step in doing this is making a stunning website which VEVS Website Builder helps you with. The process, however, doesn't stop there. Every business today has its website. What will allow your site to gain prominence? Think of it as a billboard. The biggest and flashiest ones often get the most attention. There are some tips that you can follow to make your site stand out from the rest. These are industry secrets that we are going to reveal to absolutely free.

Why do you need to increase traffic?
The core idea of any business is to grow. If that is not achieved then no matter how strong a company is today, it will eventually perish. To avoid becoming a victim of this pitfall, new customers have to be made aware of your brand, and the best way to do that is by increasing the traffic to your business website. Just as in real life a billboard isn't everything. If people don't see it, it is just a wasted resource. In the same way, if the website is not visible, then potential customers will be lost because they do not even know about the existence of your brand. Sure, it takes a bit of time and effort but trust us, it is well worth it.

1) It is all about SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is perhaps the biggest weapon you have when it comes to online strategy. You see, search engines like Google and Bing are the gateways through which new and unique visitors will come to your business site. Understanding how search engines work goes a long way in exploiting search engines. The problem that these search engines face is unique as well. There are millions of sites on the net for any given niche and choosing just a few to display in the first couple of pages of a search result becomes difficult. So, these search engines have specific algorithms designed to sort through the multitude of websites and display a selected few. We at VEVS have first-hand knowledge of how these algorithms operate and hence can help you to make your website be one of the special websites that get priority from search engines.

Game of Keywords: What we mean by this is that when a search engine goes through a website, it doesn’t look at the content the way we do. It looks for keywords, and that is how it decides when and where to display your website for a given search. For example, if your website offers used Ford Mustangs in Chicago, the keywords would be Chicago and used Mustang. If your content is structured around these words, then the search engine will know that if a person types in “I want to buy a used Ford Mustang in Chicago”, the search engine will know that your website is worthy of being displayed. On the other hand, if your content has no mention of Chicago and is all about Mustangs then the content will be considered too vague by the search engine and hence not displayed.

Metadata is your ally: Once you have created your website with VEVS, in the admin section where you will be able to manage pages, you will see that there is an option to add metadata. This is extremely critical as it is one of the first things that the search engine will look at. The meta description should be not more than 160 characters long, and it should be a concise but precise description of that particular page or post.

2) Attractive content

How to write engaging content:
Say you have done the first step and using SEO managed to get people to visit your business website. The next obvious step is to make them stay, and that can only be done using a high-quality and unique content. It is like getting people to a restaurant using a bright neon sign and then making them stay and giving them a reason to come back with some delicious food. SEO is the neon sign in this analogy while the content is the food.

Make sure to have a wide array of good quality articles so that many different people visit your website. A casual web surfer has the potential of being your next customer. Considering the same example of selling Mustangs in Chicago, add articles that talk about maintaining Mustangs, famous appearance of Mustangs in movies, etc.

You could write the content yourself or hire a good writer. Just make sure that the content is of high quality and unique.

How often to write?
The next important step is to keep regularly updating your website. Add as much new content as you can so that visitors always have a reason to check out your website. The frequency of new content is also essential. It should not be so often that visitors get overwhelmed while it should not be so rare that visitors get bored and lose interest. A good rule of the thumb is to post new content at least three times a week and not more than ten times a week.

Drive traffic - Blogging

3) Blogging: One of the best weapons in your arsenal

You might have heard of people who make their living out of blogging. That should give you an idea of how important it can be. It is also what makes your website unique and personal. Writing blogs is just like maintaining a diary where you can simply express your thoughts or share your expertise. You can also invite others to guest blog on your site, and if adequately curated it can make your site highly versatile. With VEVS Website Builder platform you can quickly add a blog app to your website and start blogging. We also offer content writing services and can help with any content that you might need to be written and published on your business website.

4) Add relevant and catchy metadata and headings

Metadata: We discussed this a bit briefly earlier. Let us get into a bit more details. Metadata is like the introduction your website gives to a search engine. It is the first impression, and we all know how important a first impression is. Considering our earlier example, here are two possible meta-descriptions for it

- The Ford Mustang is an iconic car and wanted by many. Owning one is the dream of both children and adults alike

- Find used Ford Mustangs in Chicago at the best price. Own this iconic car and make your dream come true.

Both these examples might seem okay, but the first one talks about the Mustang in general which does nothing for your business. While the second one is framed in such a way that by the sixth word the reader has a clear idea about what the web page is all about.

Titles or heading: This also plays a very vital role. A catchy heading will make all the difference in making a person click on your website instead of moving on. Let us again take a look at some examples. Say a person searches for car rentals in New York and gets these titles in the search results.

- Car rentals in New York
- Looking for affordable car rentals in New York?

Naturally, the second title appears more attractive and thus will get more views. Make sure that the title does not exceed 80-100 characters and that it is precise and straightforward. Asking a question is an excellent way of heightening the interest of visitors.

Drive traffic - Social Networks

5) Spread the word through Social networks

At last count, social media had a following of nearly 2 billion users. People today spend an enormous amount of time on their smartphones and their social media accounts than doing stuff like reading magazines and newspapers. Today, huge billboards are being rendered useless as people are busy looking at a digital screen. Social media has changed the game of every business, and if you want to grow as a business, then you need to adopt social media as a tool.

A great thing about social media is that people have a lower inhibition. If a person uses or likes something, they are willing to pitch it to others more readily than they would in real life. The question is how to tap into this ever-growing resource.

The answer is simple. The first step is to create an account or a page specifically for your business. VEVS team may help you kick-start things by creating your accounts and upload stunning cover images for them. Make your customers aware of this page or account so they can be a part of it too. Once you have a solid base, work on expanding your reach. Look for pages that act as forums related to your business niche and answer queries people have and offer them your services. Facebook has multiple groups aimed at selling stuff. Say your website sells the headlights of cars. Look for groups that are related to car maintenance and look for queries regarding headlights. Make a post there, and that will automatically make people interested in your business niche aware of your brand.

Also, post great content on your social media account regularly so that it gets shared by your followers and attracts more followers. Social media can lead to exponential growth if used correctly.

6) Email Marketing & Newsletters

While getting traffic is the first step, the real deal is to retain them, and a great way to do this is by using email marketing and newsletters. Equip your business website with forms that interested customers can fill out with their contact details so you can send them regular updates or answer queries. This sort of personal engagement leaves a lasting impression on your customers and gives them a reason to choose your business. To do all of this manually is a herculean task but you do not have to worry as we have the perfect solution for you.

Use mailchimp.com: This is the best service to help you create a directory of email addresses and automate everything from gathering information using webforms to sending out updates and newsletters very easily.

7) Submit your website to online directories and forums

These are the multiple avenues that can bring thousands of new visitors if used correctly. The best ally, in this case, is Google for the obvious reason that it is the most common search engine used. Google has made things easier by introducing the Webmaster tools. Just register your site on it, and you will have a multitude of tools to enhance and monitor your website. Similar tools are offered by Yahoo and Bing. Other online directories and forums you can take a look at are Linkdir, Best of the Web!, Wikidweb, Business.com, Directory V7N, and Dir Journal. Some of these are paid while others are free and can be used as a second tier of expanding the reach of your website.

8) Make Sure Your Site is: Responsive, Fast, and Secure

The technologies behind websites are constantly evolving. To be able to hold its own your website needs to be equipped with all the latest web tools and be based on all the latest technologies. Thankfully, with VEVS Website Builder you do not have to be worried about this as any website you build with us is kept updated to conform to the latest technologies and standards regarding looks, functionality, and security.

9) Pay-Per-Click is the perfect way to take it to the next level

The last step in the ever-evolving online world is to spend some money. Once your website is getting a decent amount of viewers every day using the methods we have mentioned so far, you can opt for various pay per click methods that will increase the traffic many folds. Some examples are

Boost social media posts: Social networks like Facebook offer options to boost posts which will allow your content to reach a new group of people in a particular demographic. For a nominal fee, you can get plenty of new eyes on your website.

Google Adwords: This is Google’s paid option. It will advertise your website on other more popular websites depending on what a user has been searching. This focused advertising is highly effective.

Paid ads on other websites: You can also directly approach popular sites in your niche and have ads placed for a certain fee. Choosing the right website becomes paramount, and it should be one that gets the kind of traffic you need for your own website.

So, there you have it. Use these tips to soar high in the world of online marketing!

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