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Others about VEVS Website Builder

Others about VEVS Website Builder

Check some of the first impressions about VEVS Website Builder featured on several tech startup and website-builder-comparing sites in the period December 2015 - June 2016. Two of them - Hot To Get Online and Anblik, have also become our Affiliate Partners by advertising our platform to their numerous online audience. If you are interested in our Affiliate Program, just sign up to get started.

How To Get Online

As its name suggests, How To Get Online is meant to educate small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to learn more about launching a website and getting their business online. In their "beginner's guide to website builders" posted on June 6, 2016 under the headline "Website Builders 101", the online resource holds VEVS up as an example for a website creating platform equipped with the key business software features:

How To Get Online - VEVS Review

 "Functionality may be limited to what your website builder offers. Website builders are typically not the best choice for websites that require unique features – although there are some that are geared toward specific business niches which can suit your needs almost perfectly. For example, vevs.com is a website builder that caters towards unique websites such as car dealer websites or vacation rental websites. Typically in the past, you would have to hire a web developer in order to create websites with this kind of functionality."

Read the original review...


In his review published on April 28, 2016, Howard Steele - owner and editor-in-chief of SuperbWebsiteBuilders, who has a long-years experience as a webmaster and SEO specialist, makes a thorough check up of all strengths (and weaknesses) of VEVS Website Builder.

"So, VEVS. Wows! Here, at SuperbWebsiteBuilders, we are impressed with the serious approach of the guys behind the site builder. Powered by StivaSoft, a solid software company with ten years’ experience in providing web solutions, VEVS site builder definitely adds fuel to the fire in the DIY site creation market."

The features that stand out the most to Howard are the: 

  • ease of use
  • rich feature set and flexibility
  • versatile designs
  • affordable pricing tiers

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The Indian web design company Anblik that closely monitors and reviews other web solutions on the market has also featured VEVS in April 2016 in the category "Best Online Website Builders":

"VEVS is a creative webshop delivering fully featured website solutions to a wide range of businesses. They are providing Responsive Design, Smart CMS, Business Software, Custom Modification and Free Support to their Clients. [...] The latest upgrade of VEVS Website Builder enables users to change the layout of each of their website's pages. Users can now choose from 5 different page layouts. This design tweak comes to prove ambitious efforts to accommodate all customer tastes and preferences." 

Read the original review...


StartUp Beat

StartUp Beat - VEVS Review

StartUp Beat, based in Los Angeles, California, tells the story behind every startup. Since 2007, the site has profiled the world's most innovative early-stage startups. VEVS is proud that on March 16, 2016 it lined up among hundreds of other startup pitches featured on StartUp Beat:

"The main competitive advantage of VEVS websites is the built-in business-specific software allowing our customers to manage their online operations quickly, effortlessly and affordably. In addition, we provide initial setup, hosting, content transfer, ongoing technical support, webmaster services, traffic analysis and custom modifications. We can also switch existing websites to VEVS free of charge. This keeps us one step ahead of other widely used website builders."

 Read the original review...



Launching Next

Launching Next is a community of tech startups. VEVS Website Builder has been officially introduced on their website on June 12, 2016. Go to VEVS Startup profile: Website builder for clever businesses


The Startup Pitch

The Startup Pitch is a site born out of an experiment in user-generated news called D.I.Y. Startup News, and where people who didn't have a blog used to post startup-related stories and get more coverage. Later on, it evolved into an online platform where you can "pitch your startup to the world". Our pitch was posted on March 16, 2016. Go to “Pitch for VEVS”...

The Startup Pitch - VEVS Review



Just a few weeks after the official launch of VEVS Website Builder we have posted a detailed review in the "Software as a Service" category of StivaSoft-owned GeekyCorner - the best place you can find and publish software. Read the original review...

Enough said (and written), make the next step and create your own business website with VEVS!
If you need any additional information, feel free to contact our helpful Customer Success Managers. Stay tuned!

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