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Partnership Announcement - VEVS Business Software & Website Joins Forces with MJ Squad from USA

Partnership Announcement - VEVS Business Software & Website Joins Forces with MJ Squad from USA

We have always prioritized our commitment to serving our clients. To allow us to go above and beyond, we are excited to introduce the VEVS Partnership Program. This initiative allows us to establish connections with professionals who share our passion for software and website development.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with MJ Squad, a marketing agency out of Lancaster, PA; this collaboration comes as a result of our VEVS Partnership Program. MJ Squad specializes in website design, social media marketing, and digital branding, while simultaneously offering a variety of other related services. The team of MJ Squad provides effective online solutions by creating websites, social media management, and graphic design for clients. Our partnership with MJ Squad allows us to expand our portfolio and offer our clients an even wider array of options for boosting their reputation and brand visibility online. Combining the VEVS Rental Software with the designs and aesthetics of MJ Squad ensures that you will stand out from your competition.

“We are very happy about partnering with VEVS. Combining our expertise in website design, social media marketing, and digital branding with the advanced software solutions and website building platform from VEVS gives us the opportunity to provide clients with unmatched online solutions to boost their brand visibility. Exciting times ahead!”

Jacquelynne Hess
Co-Owner of MJ Squad

MJ Squad creates custom websites that fit clients' specific needs. With the help of VEVS, they can quickly create a variety of industry sites, instead of building them individually each time. If you have ever uttered the words "Social media is a necessary evil", set up a consultation call with them by contacting Jacquelynne Hess (co-owner of MJ Squad) at [email protected] or by phone at 717-875-5008. They will provide you with unique branding, maintenance, and account management, while offering exceptional customer service.

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