New user-friendly CMS update – Web Forms

Improve communication with your clients by customizing the web forms on your VEVS website.

Business Website   |   29th June 2022

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In terms of online communication with your clients, web forms are an important tool on your VEVS website. As a result, we made it even easier for you to customize and create your own form by utilizing the predefined fields and elements.

With this new update:

-       We've added more informal labels to each setting, making it clearer what it does, and you can now edit each field separately. (For example, email, name, phone, etc.)

-       You can see the submissions in an external tab, making it more organized, and you can configure which fields to show and which not from the grid option menu.

-       You can now block an IP address if you don't want to receive submissions from it. You can also unblock it from the same menu to begin receiving them.

-       You can now insert specific tokens for each field in the Autoresponder messages (e.g. Email, Name, Phone, etc.). Simply add the token, and it will be replaced by the actual data.

This new user-friendly web form update will make it even easier to communicate with your clients online.

One-off price: $130
*Implementation price depends on your website version and currently supported features. Read more about updates and upgrades here.

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