Fee per location

Charge clients an extra fee based on pick-up and drop-off locations.

Car Rental Website   |   1st February 2022

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When you manage the locations you serve, you can set an extra fee if a particular address is selected for pick-up or return. 

So if you operate multiple locations, you can configure different fees for each. 

Then on your website, when clients make a reservation, the fee will be added to their total amount on the checkout screen.

This tool is great if, for example, you offer a "Custom pick-up/drop-off" location

That way, you can easily increase your profits by picking up a car from your customer's location for an extra fee.

Do you want more information about this feature? Contact us.

One-off price: $200 - $300
*Implementation price depends on your website version and currently supported features. Read more about updates and upgrades here.

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