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Car Rental Website   |   24th May 2022

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Predefined Document Templates are an easy way to automate your business operations when it comes to contracts, offers, invoices, etc.

In the VEVS Website Builder, you can create a template using predefined data tokens. 

For example within the content of the template, you put {Name}. Then for each reservation, you can use that template and create a document, specific to the reservation. All the tokens used will be replaced by actual reservation data:

{Name} will become John Smith (the name of the client who made the reservation).

You also have the option to automatically create a document e.g. when a reservation is made, a document for it will be created too. 

With the "Digital Signature" feature the documents can be digitally signed by your clients. They could be then downloaded in PDF format, viewed online or sent by email.

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One-off price: $220 - $280
*Implementation price depends on your website version and currently supported features. Read more about updates and upgrades here.


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