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VEVS Starter’s Guide

Access your account

Upon signing up with VEVS, you have received an email with links to your administration page along with your account details. Use them to log into the admin page and start managing your website and software!

Set up your website

Personalize your website by adding your company information, social network links, and brand elements. If you are switching over from another website platform, we can help you migrate to VEVS!

Configure your software

Don't get stressed out by all features of your new software! Our Knowledge base provides useful tips how to manage it like a pro. It will enable you to self-serve your queries.

Get a grip on your online business!

Learn how to manage the key software functionalities integrated in your business website!

Enhance your website

Do you want to add further functionalities to your business software & website or integrate with other platforms? We already interate with all kind of service providers - Payment Gateways, Analytics Software, Billing Software, Email Providers, etc.

Customize your software & website

Even though our software and website builder are ready-to-use and come standard with all essential features for the respective business niche, we can deliver a wide range of custom modifications to accommodate your specific needs.

Hosting Add-ons: The tech side

Domain name


Cloud hosting




Dedicated IP

Dedicated Server

DDoS protection

Latest server software PHP/MySQL

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Contact support anytime

If you have created a trial account, you can send us your query through VEVS account. Keep track of the entire thread in our ticketing system. As soon as your request has been processed, you will receive an email notification. We can also arrange a phone call or Zoom meeting.

Need any help?
Need any help?

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