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Can I have the website on my domain name?

Yes, all client websites (including the free versions) are set up on a custom domain name. If you already have a domain name, you can use it. We’ll send you further instructions how to associate it with your new VEVS site.

I don’t have a domain name. What can I do?

We can register a domain on your name and transfer it to you. Tell us which is your prefered domain name and we will check its availability. If available, we’ll obtain it on your behalf and set it on your VEVS website. If it is already taken, we will suggest other similar options.

Is hosting included in VEVS services and subscription fee?

VEVS is a “Website as a Service” (WaaS) solution that includes the web hosting. The monthly fee covers all services in the respective subscription plan.

VEVS hosting services are 100% reliable and strictly monitored by professional server administrators.

I already have a hosting plan for my website. Do I need it?

You don't need to buy or maintain another hosting account for your VEVS website. We will take care about this.

Can I host my VEVS website on another, non-VEVS server?

No, the hosting is a part of our bundle service. We do not deliver VEVS website solutions and software on clients’ hosting.

Do you guarantee that my website will always be available?

We assure you that we will do everything necessary to keep your business website live and operational uninterruptedly. We also perform regular backups in order to prevent potential loss of information stored on our servers.

How safe is my information?

VEVS administration panel is password protected - only you and people authorized by you will be able to access your website database. We take all necessary security measures to detect and prevent unauthorized and potentially harmful third-party actions.

Can I have ‘https://’ on my website?

Yes, we can move your VEVS website to https. In order to secure the communication between users and your site you need to request an SSL certificate.

What are the bandwidth/space/transfer limits?

The term ‘bandwidth/transfer' refers to the amount of data which the server will allow your website to send per month. Once you exceed your monthly limit, typical hosting companies may shut down your site for the remainder of the month. VEVS does not impose such restrictions to clients whose websites become very popular and generate large amounts of traffic. We are always happy to see that our customers’ online ventures are thriving!

Even if you exceed your monthly usage allowance, your VEVS business website will not stop working. For more information, about your disc space and monthly traffic limits please refer to our Terms of Service and your subscription plan information.

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