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Economica Rent-a-Car - Hertz Licensee

Economica Rent-a-Car - Hertz Licensee

Hertz is much more than a car rental business. The company is one that prides itself on its dedication to the customers' changing needs by offering a wide variety of vehicles and services. They pride themselves on a rich history of significant first steps, ambitious ideas, and innovation that has turned the company into the reputable brand that it is today.

Being a Hertz licensee, the primary mission of Economica Rent-a-Car is to offer the lowest prices and the highest quality service and be the most customer-focused rental company in Bolivia.

Economica Rent-a-Car chose the VEVS Car Rental Website Builder to develop their rent-a-car website and serve their clients online.

The VEVS team helped with the website and the car rental software setup, ensuring fast and faultless launch of the online service.

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Hertz, Bolivia

The VEVS Car Rental Website Builder was our basic start for a complex rental page. The VEVS team has worked with us over the past year to bring our website to level we felt we needed in the luxury car rental arena. They work to understand our needs and bring us solutions that match our expectations under timely deadlines. The functionality of the website on the user's side is very easy to understand and it allows you to have control over the front page as well as what goes on in the back-end.

The database also allows for customer tracking which is helpful for repeat customers as well as offering repeat customers incentives to return. We are looking forward to becoming PCI compliant as well as allowing customers to E-sign contracts and uploading necessary documents before arriving to pick up the rental cars of their dreams! We look forward to working with them helping us developing a fully automated system we require. Thanks to the whole VEVS team!

- Anthony Marianelli | USA

Our company iMotorsports needed a customized, flexible solution for our motorcycle rental division. We contacted VEVS to create a website that would allow our customers to navigate quickly and easily through our inventory and book reservations for the vehicle of their choice. They were able to quickly come up with something that worked, and allowed us to make changes throughout our rental season to adapt the Chicago Slingshot website to our needs.

- Jeff Gandy | USA

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Southern Campers Hire

Southern Campers Hire

Southern Campers is a Campervan Rental company based in Gore also delivering to Invercargill, Dunedin or Queenstown, New Zealand. They have been VEVS clients since 2018. They offer short or long term rentals and a variety of modern Campervans for 2 or up to 6 people.

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Southern Campers, New Zealand

We had been looking for some time to update our website with a new look and real time car reservation software. We have seen many car rental templates online, however most of them are outdated without real time booking. We were surprised when we saw the VEVS Car Rental Website Builder with a fresh and contemporary design.

We contacted VEVS and received a reasonable quote for the specific design that we wanted. Communication with the VEVS team has been smooth as we sent many messages and always received quick answers with solutions to our requests. Within a few weeks, our website was online and we uploaded our cars and prices and started receiving reservations.

Currently, we are on the third year with our VEVS website and so far absolutely no problems. We have asked for minor modifications from time to time and always have received what we wanted and for no extra fees. The website runs smoothly, the booking engine is very easy to use, and all our clients love it. We consider our VEVS website the best investment we have made in marketing our business.

- Alban Shehu | Albania

When we were starting our company, we wanted a website that is user-friendly, dynamic, and set up by the CampRoutes team. However, as soon as we saw the VEVS Website Builder, we said: "This is what we need!"

Then we started, step by step, upgrade by upgrade, always supported by the outstanding professionalism of the VEVS team, until we reached our goal, and the result, in our opinion, is great!

We are delighted with our website, and the feedback of our customers regarding the website usability and looks has been great. We appreciate all the work that the VEVS team has done for us. Congratulations VEVS, and continue with your excellent work!

- Eduardo Relvas | Portugal

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