Economica Rent-a-Car - Hertz Licensee

Economica Rent-a-Car - Hertz Licensee


Hertz is much more than a car rental business. The company is one that prides itself on its dedication to the customers' changing needs by offering a wide variety of vehicles and services. They pride themselves on a rich history of significant first steps, ambitious ideas, and innovation that has turned the company into the reputable brand that it is today.

Being a Hertz licensee, the primary mission of Economica Rent-a-Car is to offer the lowest prices and the highest quality service and be the most customer-focused rental company in Bolivia.

Economica Rent-a-Car chose the VEVS Car Rental Website Builder to develop their rent-a-car website and serve their clients online.

The VEVS team helped with the website and the car rental software setup, ensuring fast and faultless launch of the online service.

Project Started



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Efficient customer service.

Easy reservations management through the built-in car rental software.

Excellent and dedicated customer service!

Economica Rent-a-Car - Hertz Licensee
Economica Rent-a-Car - Hertz Licensee

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Need any help?