ANIS Transport - Philippines

ANIS Transport - Philippines

Anis Transport

Anis Transport is our client since 2020. They aim to be one of the leading Car Rental Companies by offering brand new cars at the most affordable prices in Manila, Philippines. Both driver and self-drive rent-a-car services are available for clients. The vehicles they offer range from Hatchbacks to SUVs.

Anis Transport provides an airport transfer to and from Ninoy Aquino International Airport and shuttle services everywhere in Manila.

The company also aims to help businesses by offering reliable and cost-effective employee van shuttle service in the Philippine capital to and from work.

The Anis Transport car rental website is in 4 languages - English, Korean, Chinese, and Hebrew.

What we did

Anis Transport had another website and custom-made rental management software but was not fully satisfied with it because it did not provide a real-time and self-serving online car reservation experience to their customer. So we helped them enhance and grow their digital business by delivering a new rent-a-car website supplemented with a number of customizations on top of our standard car rental software:

- First, we helped them with transferring their existing data to the VEVS Car Rental Website Builder solution.

- We also made all necessary SEO 301 redirects to match the new site and keep their search engine rankings.

- We added two types of clients - corporate and individual.

- Lead generation was improved, by collecting customer details on step 1 of the reservation process so even if the client abandons the sales funnel, the Anis Transport sales team can contact them back either by phone or email and finish the reservation.

- We added new reports for the management to better monitor Cash flow and Payments Due dates.

- Paynamics, the most trusted payment gateway in the Philippines, was integrated within the car rental software.

- We have delivered a changelog of the reservation’s total price that shows the changes that the company staff make to reservations upon the client’s request to better analyze customer behavior and manage the customer service.


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ANIS Transport - Philippines
ANIS Transport - Philippines

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