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Awesome Features

VEVS Car Rental Websites come with a built-in Car Rental System and all must-have features and functionalities. Upon request we can make any custom modification to fit your specific business needs.

Car Rental System

The VEVS car rental software allows you to show your fleet, add pick-up and drop-off locations, set booking options, manage reservations, collect client details, etc.

Take Payments Online

Enable your customers to make payments online the moment they make a reservation. VEVS supports 9 of the most popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe.

Different Vehicle Types

Add multiple car types (e.g. Small, Medium, Large), specify their features and extras, show number of cars by type, and create a great image gallery for each category.

Manage Reservations

Process online bookings and add bookings manually from the back-end system. Set minimum reservation length, car on-hold time, and other advanced booking rules.

Multiple Office Locations

Add multiple pick-up and drop-off locations and help your clients navigate more easily by pinning them on a handy Google Map available on your Locations page.

Standard & Seasonal Fees

Set standard car booking price per hour and per day. Promote sales by launching different seasonal and promo campaigns for predefined periods.

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Great Looking Designs

You can choose some of our standard rent-a-car website designs, modify their color schemes, and ask for additional fine-tuning to fit your brand design. We can also deliver unique custom projects upon request. All websites created by VEVS Website Builder are fully optimized for mobile devices and developed in line with the latest technology trends.

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Key Benefits

No Booking Fees

In contrast to other online rent-a-car web solutions, VEVS will not charge you any hidden fees for reservations made through your car rental website.

Setup & Launch Support

Our friendly and tech-savvy Customer Service Team will help you get your rent-a-car website up and running quickly and effortlessly.

Multiple Languages

You can set one default language and enable as many language versions of your car rental website as you wish. Content translation is a breeze!

Customizations & Add-ons

Depending on the specific needs of your rent-a-car business, we can make any tweaks and embed various add-ons into your VEVS website.

Subscription fees starting from $33 per month! see pricing

Migrate from another website

If you have an existing but rather outdated car rental website that was built using website platforms such as WIX, GoDaddy, Joomla, etc., we can help you switch over to VEVS smoothly and effortlessly!

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Can you help me set up the car rental system?

Yes, we will gladly assist you! If you need any guidance, just contact our Customer Success Managers and tell them what bothers you. You can also refer to the designated Knowledge base for VEVS Car Rental Websites where you will find useful step-by-step tips how to adjust your car rental software and automate online bookings and payments.

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Can you help me make my VEVS car rental website multi-lingual?

Activating multiple languages on your rent-a-car website is very simple and normally shouldn't require any external support. Just go to the Content Management section in VEVS Knowledge base and read more about the Language Options. If you need any translation services, we can back you up and spare you the efforts!

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Check what other car rental business owners share about our rent-a-car solutions and the difference they have made! See our clients' websites.

During the last three years I have tried several companies before trying VEVS Website Builder. I was happy with what you, guys, have proposed for my needs. During my communication in the setting up of my website the great Krasimir wrote: "Narain, we need to stop here as I know what you need now." What was then proposed to me was indeed what I exactly needed! My website is operational and business started to my satisfaction. You have been of tremendous help. Thank you!

Narain Sunassee

The car rental website I've created with VEVS has been live for a couple of weeks now and it's working well. I must say that overall both the car rental system and certainly the customer support have been outstanding!

William Keith

When we were starting our company, we wanted a website that is user-friendly, dynamic and that is set up by the CampRoutes team. However, as soon as we saw the VEVS Website Builder, we said: "This is what we need!". Then we started, step by step, upgrade by upgrade, always supported by the great professionalism of the VEVS team, until we reach our goal and the result in our opinion is great! We are very satisfied with our website and the feedback from our customers regarding the website usability and looks has been great. We appreciate all the work that the VEVS team has done for us. Congratulations VEVS and continue your excellent work.

Eduardo Relvas

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