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Car rental system


Review the standard VEVS Car Rental Website designs!
Each of them is available in 10 color themes. You can also request custom colors.

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Our Clients

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  • During the last 3 years I have tried several companies before trying VEVS. I was happy with what you guys have proposed for my needs. During my communication in the setting up of my website, the great Krasimir wrote: “Narain, we need to stop here as I know what you need now.” What was then proposed to me was indeed what I exactly needed. My website is operational and business started to my satisfaction. You have been of tremendous help.
    Thank you

    Narain Sunassee

  • I need you to grow and be in business for years to come. And, I believe in you and your team due to your great attention to detail, great support and strong products.
    Best regards,


  • I came across one of your products coincidentally while trying to find some solutions to meet the demands of a small business car rental company. After completion of the implementation with some assistance from your support team, it is running like a charm sharp and clear provide what it promises.
    Just felt need to drop you a line and express my appreciation. Many thanks for swift reaction, perfect and professional approach in terms of support.

    Murat Bilga

  • Hi Guys,
    The website has been live for a couple of weeks now and it's working well. I must say that overall both the car rental system and certainly the support have been outstanding.

    William Keith