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Case Study: On-Site SEO Optimization For RentAndGo Zanzibar

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Case Study: On-Site SEO Optimization For RentAndGo Zanzibar

RentAndGo is a company located on the beautiful island of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a city with beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and a vibrant nightlife, making it one of the most visited cities in Tanzania. Many tourists from all over the world visit this destination, and since most transportation is by car, many companies in the rental car industry have been established. All newly founded companies, such as RentAndGo Zanzibar, face many challenges as a result. Therefore, the company chose our initial On-Site SEO Services to get a competitive advantage in this highly competitive market.

For RentAndGo's website to perform better and produce better results, the VEVS SEO team has created a list of tasks to complete. These tasks include:

1. Meta Tags & ALT tags optimization:

Following the selection of the most relevant keywords, the VEVS SEO team changed all Meta tags on all web pages, as well as the ALT tags of all images on the website to incorporate relevant keywords. By doing this, the company will be able to gain a more prominent position in search engines.

2. Creation Of Additional Content:

RentAndGo's website lacks textual content, as do most newly launched websites. This made the creation of additional content crucial. That is why the VEVS SEO team offered the company owner several options. As a result of our discussion with the company owner, we decided to create a dedicated blog section on their website that will provide visitors with useful information, news and interesting articles. Furthermore, the blogs contain keyword-rich content that helps the website rank higher for these search terms. Due to this, RentAndGo was indexed in more search engine results pages and could add more relevant keywords to its site.

3. Thorough Keyword Research:

To rank well on search engine results pages, the VEVS SEO team implemented a comprehensive process for RentAndGo's website. In addition, they did a lot of searching on different websites for keywords. They then created a list of good keywords for RentAndGo based on the company's core operations, how it stands out from other companies and its unique selling proposition. The VEVS SEO team and business owner then worked together to determine which words would bring the best results.

Thorough Keyword Research


The initial SEO optimization services of VEVS Car Rental Software, as part of our Website Audit Service, had a significant impact on RentAndGo's website. They made it friendlier, faster, and more organized.

Their website was also transformed into an attractive hub for their clients when a dedicated blog section and three unique blog posts were created. Not only are their clients now able to read helpful advice and learn about exciting vacation destinations in Zanzibar, but search engine crawlers are also able to scan more pages thanks to the integration of relevant keywords, thus boosting overall SEO results.

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Client Testimonial:

I'm beyond grateful for VEVS!
The quality of work is unbelievable, they answer fast, suggest and give advice throughout the whole process... Thank you so much for helping us to start our little business!
With your help we could reach the sky.”


Owner of RentAndGo Zanzibar

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