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Edit Website Content

How to change the website logo

To add your own logo. Go to the Website Admin page / Website Settings menu / Details sub-menu, then click on the "Change Image" button next to the Logo Image.

Note: The Recommended Logo size is 250x50 or larger. However, please keep the aspect ratio of the logo to be 5:1 for best results.

Alternatively, when you are already logged in as Administrator you can quickly access the Details sub-menu by following the instructions in the video:

How to edit web page texts?

Our Website Builder is built in a way that allows our clients to edit the text content directly on the pages using the on-site Text editor.

You should only make sure that you are logged in as Administrator, make sure that you have Turned On the Text Editor on the website and then pointing the mouse over most of the Text content on the website will show a pop-up Edit Text button that you can press and edit the text in the opened up Text Editor box.

Note: Some of the text content like the title text for the different type of forms (Inquiry, Contact Us, Finance forms) could only be edited through their corresponding settings menus on the Admin Page.

For more detailed guide and comprehensive instructions - please watch the video:

How to change the images on my website?

To change the images shown on your Car Dealer Website, go to Admin page / Website Content menu / Images sub-menu and upload the new images on the place of these that you wish to change.

Note: Please always check the recommended image size for each image you are about to change by pointing with the mouse over the "?" button under the images and either edit it via third party tools to fit better or make use of the built-in Crop/Resize tools to make it fit your well on your website.

For a more comprehensive guide please watch the video:

How to change the details shown on the Contact us page?

You can change the Address, Email, and Phone information contact details that are shown on the Contact Us page by doing te following:

Go to Admin page / Website Settings menu / Details sub-menu and then changing the information in the fields on that settings page.

See the screenshots below:

How to show or hide some of the pages?

You are allowed to show or hide some of the pages from your website.

To see which pages you are allowed to show or hide by yourself, go to the Admin page / Website settings menu / Menu sub-menu then scroll down through the Menu Titles & URLs section. When you see next to any page settings the options Show Page or Hide Page, that would mean that you can choose if this page will be shown or hidden on your website.

See the screenshots:

How to change the website template and color?

To change the website template and color, go to the Admin page / Website Design menu.

Note:Alternatively, you can directly reach this menu using the link from the Admin widget on the Front-End of the website while logged in as Administrator.

Choose the Template that you like the most from the list and click the Use this layout button.

After you choose a Template - point the cursor over the Color Theme grid next to each Template and select the Color Theme that best suits your taste by clicking on the Use it button under it.

See the screenshots:

Manage Car Inventory

How to add a new car listing?

To add a car listing to your website there are a few ways to do so. go to the 

The standard procedure is going to the Admin page / Car listings menu / Cars sub-menu and pressing the +Add car button.

Then you will have to enter the car information and details.

There are 2 other ways that are still going to achieve the same result:go to the 

- go to the Admin page / Dashboard and press the +Add New button in the section with the information about your website Car listings.

- use the link from the Front-End Admin Widget when you are logged in as Administrator and it will directly redirect you to the Car listings menu / Cars sub-menu on the Admin page.

For more information and guidance please watch the video below:


How to show cars on Homepage?

The cars shown on the Homepage of the Car Dealer Website are the cars that are set as Hot Deals and also the cars set as Featured.

You can set a car as Featured or as a Hot Deal by going to the Admin page / Car Listings menu / Cars sub-menu / Cars tab then edit a Car listing and on the Summary tab clicking one of the two buttons "Make a featured" or "Make hot deal" buttons.

Important note: A car could only be part of the Featured cars or the Hot Deal cars at any given moment, but not both at the same time. If you want to change to which one the car is assigned you will have to either wait until the period for which the car is set as Featured/Hot Deal expires or cancel it manually and then setting the car to the one that you desire.

The system shows a random set of the Featured Cars and Hot Deals cars on the Homepage in the relevant sections when there are more cars than the available slots on the Homepage in those two categories.

If you do not have any cars set as Hot Deals, the system will automatically hide the section Hot Deals from the Homepage.

The case with the Featured Cars section is a little different. - To prevent the Homepage from appearing empty, if you do not have any cars set as Featured, the system will show a random set from the non-Featured cars in the Featured Cars section.

See the screenshots below for guidance how to set the cars Featured or Hot Deal listings:

How to set models and makes?

Our Car Dealer Website comes with a vast number of pre-set Car Makes and Models.

However, if you find out that the Car Make and/or Model is still not included in the system, you can manually add the needed Make/Model by yourself.

To do so you need to go to the Admin page / Car Listings menu / Vehicle Details sub-menu / Makes and Models tab and then press either "Add Make +" or "Add Model +" buttons depending on what you need to add - Make or Model.

You can see the list of Makes in the table list on that settings page. To view the Models set for each Make you will have to press the "Edit" (Pencil) button for the Make and then you will see a list of Models set for that Car Make.

Important note: When you are adding a new Model you should always have it assigned to a certain Make. So if you are adding the details about both new Make and Model first set up the Make so you can assign the related Model to it.

See the screenshots below for some additional guidance:

How to manage the predefined vehicle details options?

Predefined vehicle details include the Vehicle Extras that you can set for each vehicle and also the Feature types values for each vehicle such as Fuel type, Vehicle type, Doors configuration, Gearbox type, etc.

To manage the available Extra types for each vehicle - go to the Admin page / Car Listings menu / Vehicle Details sub-menu / Extras tab

You can add new Extras by pressing the "Add+" button, remove any of the unneeded Extras via the "X" button on the far right column of the list next to the unneeded Extra type or edit the available Extra types via the "Edit" (Pencil) button.

To manage the available Feature values for the cars - go to the Admin page / Car Listings menu / Vehicle Details sub-menu / Features tab

On this settings tab, you can add new Features values by pressing the "Add+" button over the table with the Features values.

Important Note: When adding a Features value make sure you also assign it to a Feature type.

You can delete a Feature value that is not needed by pressing the "X" (Delete) button on the far right column next to the unneeded Feature value.

And you can also edit the Feature values that are already set up. You can do so by pressing the "Edit" (Pencil) button for the Feature value you wish to edit.

See the screenshots below for more details:

How to choose the metrics that will be used by your website - mileage, engine capacity, engine power?

You can manage the metrics in which the different technical values related to your cars will show.

Important: Please note that the metrics settings are applied site-wide. They are not individual per each car.

To set the Metrics go to the Admin page / Website Settings menu / Options sub-menu

On this settings page, you will find all of the Regional settings on the top and on the bottom part of the settings page are the settings about the Mileage (km/miles); Engine power (hp/kW); Engine size (cc/liters).

See the screenshot below:

How to add video to a car listing?

You can add an embedded Youtube video to your car listings and provide a better preview of the car to your potential clients.

To do so, go to Admin page / Car Listings menu / Cars sub-menu after that edit the Car listing that you want to add a Youtube embedded video to and go to the Description tab. On the bottom of the Description tab right under the Description text field, you will see the Embedded Youtube video field where you can just Paste the Youtube link to the car video.

You can also add the embedded Youtube video link at the time when you are creating the Car listing on the website.

Note: To learn how to add a car listing to the website please check the How to add a new car listing? question from the Knowledgebase.

For better guidance where to find the settings to add an embedded Youtube video to your cars see the screenshots:

How to export cars?

You can export cars added to your website in different formats - CSV or XML.

You are provided with the option to download a file with all cars details or create a dynamic URL feed. 

How to change one of the vehicle feature types to something else?

If you need to change vehicle features type (see screenshots below) you can use Options menu, Languages tab to change the titles for each one of the features. So you can change Doors to something else and then under Options menu, Features tab to change all available values.


Manage mileage and engine power metrics?

Need help setting up your website?

Website Settings

How to change the email address which receives the contact form submissions?


When a contact form on your website is submitted you will receive an email notification. This notification can be sent to one or more website administrators.

Make sure that you have a user with the recipient email address created under Users menu. Then go to Website Content / Forms / Contact form edit the and then go to Form details sub-tab.

In the "Send to" multi-select field, you can add the list of users that would receive an email notification as well.

How to manage the Contact Us form fields?

To change the fields on the contact form that users see on the Contact Us page please go to Website Content / Forms / Contact Form and click on the edit button edit the contact form. You will see all available form fields, add new fields, edit and/or remove existing ones.

Website system settings - currency, timezone, date and time format

You can set general website settings such as currency, date and time format, time zone, units, etc.. in the Options tab.

SMTP Settings

How to send email notification on my behalf (set SMTP as Send email method)

While your website installation is not yet transferred to its own domain name the automated email notifications that VEVS CMS sends go to the receivers with the following sender: From with Reply-to: (the email that you have set as a master admin of the website).

In this case, some SPAM filters can reject the automated emails that our system sends or mark them as “SPAM” and move them to junk or spam folder. It is not necessarily the case, but some spam filters do not “like” emails sent from one email account (in this case from on someone other’s behalf.

Websites that are already transferred to their own domain name

Once your website is transferred to your domain name you have to set up the email of yours from which the notification emails are going to be sent otherwise no email notifications will be sent from your website.

To do so - go to the Admin page / Website Settings menu / Options sub-menu and fill-in your email account details: SMTP Host, SMTP Port, SMTP Username, SMTP Password.

Email address ("From" header) needs to be filled in too and you can set there the e-mail to which you wish to receive the eventual customer replies on the reservation emails.

See the example screenshot for more information and find below a list of the most common email providers SMTP settings. If your email provider is not among the listed, then please contact them and ask for the correct SMTP details.

In both cases, PHP mail or SMTP, if your customers reply back to the automated email notification you will receive the message in your email box.

Most popular email providers and their SMTP settings:

Gmail SMTP server
SMTP Host: ssl://
SMTP Port: Port 465 (SSL required)
SMTP Username: your full email address
SMTP Password: your email account password

Important Note:
To allow access to your Gmail account you will have to log into the email that you have set up in the SMTP Username and then visit the following link:

Follow also the instructions in the question Allow the website to send notification emails through your Gmail account to set up your Gmail account to allow sending emails through your website.

Yahoo SMTP server
SMTP Host: ssl://
SMTP Port: Port 465 (SSL required)
SMTP Username: your full email address
SMTP Password: your email account password

Hotmail/Live SMTP server
SMTP Host: ssl://
SMTP Port: Port 465 (SSL required)
SMTP Username: your full email address
SMTP Password: your email account password

AOL SMTP server
SMTP Host:
SMTP Port: 25
SMTP Username: your full email address
SMTP Password: your email account password

VEVS SMTP server
Host: ssl://
SMTP Port: 465
SMTP Username: your full email address
SMTP Password: your email account password

Allow the website to send notification emails through your Gmail account

There is a short additional process that you have to go through to enable your website to send email notifications on your behalf via your Gmail account due to the Google's extra security measures:

1. Go to the following link and log in with your Gmail account:

2. On this page, if the 2-step verification is set to ON
Click on "App passwords".

2.1. When the page opens select "Other (Custom name)" from the "Select app" drop-down menu.

2.2. Type a name of your choosing in the text box and press the Generate button.

2.3. A new window will pop-up and it will contain the 16-character password that you can use instead of the password that you have on your Google account to allow the apps and services or in your case the website to pass the 2-step Google verification.
Just copy the password from that window and set it up in your website SMTP password settings in the place of your Google Account password.

3. If the 2-step verification is OFF.

3.1. Go again to the Gmail Security settings page:

3.2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you reach the "Allow less secure apps" option. Make sure it is set to ON.

Search Engine Optimization

How to set custom META tags for each car ad?

You can set custom meta tags for each car that you add to your website. Go to Edit Car page and click on SEO tab. There you can input page title, meta keywords and description. These will then be used on the car details page.

How to set META tags and keywords for your website pages?

Meta tags and keywords let you provide information about your website to the search engines. Choosing the right keywords and meta tags for your website is what would help your customers find it more easily through a Google search.

Here's where you can insert your pages' meta tags on the back-end of your website

Manage Newsletter

How can I preview my newsletter subscribers?

Go to Website Content / Newsletter menu and you will see a list with all subscribers. You can have an unlimited number of subscribers and send them regular emails.


How can I manage the subscription form?

You can select the fields you need your clients to fill-in when subscribing to your newsletter. It's under the Newsletter menu, Options tab, Subscribers data sub-tab. Just check the fields you need and they will show up on the subscription form.