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How to pick the best domain for your car rental website

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How to pick the best domain for your car rental website

When you are starting your car rental business, it is very important to pick both a company and domain name that speak for your core activity and values. However, don't overthink and get too stressed out because you might make the wrong choice! Before opting for the first domain that sounds cool and catchy, try to consider the following quick tips:

TIP #1 Make it easy to read and remember!
You would sure hate it and feel embarrassed if you had to repeat your website name a couple of times before the person in front of you gets it. It's also not advisable to use slang in your domain name as well as too many words. It will be
veryhardtoreadandremember! As cool as it may be. Otherwise, you risk your potential customers to mistype or misspell it and eventually give up.

TIP #2 Pick the right keywords!
This is a very delicate and essential point! Try to integrate the top keywords into your website content logically and smoothly but do not overstuff it. If you are not an SEO expert, you'd better turn to one, at least in the beginning. It's worth it! Using the name of the city or country that you are doing business in combined with keywords such as "rentals", "car rental", "rent a car", etc. will help you attract more local customers and those searching for car rentals in a specific location. You can also insert the city name into your car rental website URL.

TIP #3 Hyphens
Hyphens in your domain name can be easily misheard and eventually lead to mistyping. Good news is that Google usually suggests the correct website URL. So, if you have a strong brand name that includes a hyphen, there is nothing bad in using it. Another great way to apply a hyphen is when you'd like to include your country in the URL.
Example: domain-name(country)abbreviation.com

Although it's a common practice to type domain names merged, hyphens won't have a negative effect on your SEO, so don't worry about that!

TIP #4 Stand out from the crowd!
Coming up the perfect domain name is not an easy task. Sometimes what one finds good and appropriate is not so good in other people's opinion. So, before you rush and register your "awesome", "uniquely unique" domain name, use your friends and contacts as a focus group and analyze their feedback first. They can take over the client's perspective more easily since they are not involved and can suggest useful improvements.

TIP #5 Extensions
Last but not least is the extension (or suffix) of your domain name. Dot com has been around like forever and there is a big chance that YourDomainName.com is already taken. This should not be a reason for despair, though. Check out other available options and see what stands behind the abbreviations:

.co  - used for company, community or commerce
.info - informational websites
.net - technical websites
.org - non-commercial organizations
.biz - business or commercial use (e.g. e-commerce websites)
.me - blogs, resumes or personal sites because they are all about you
.co.uk / .pt / .de - country extensions that designate your registered address (even if you operate internationally)
.online / .tours / .photography, etc.  - new domain extensions that give information about your business from both sides of the dot        


Should I use my company name for my domain name, too?
That's the big question and the answer is not always unambiguous. If your company name is rather complex or not easily associated with your type business, maybe it's not a good idea to incorporate it in your domain. If your company name is, for example, "Best John Scottfield Cars", you can use your initials ("js-car-rentals.com") and/or include your location ("car-rentals-leeds.com").

Those of you who haven't registered their company name yet, still have time to consider the above written so that they can better synchronize both names. Brand integrity and delivering a unified message to potential and existing customers is crucial for your brand awareness.

You will not know if these 5 tips really work unless you create your own car rental website. VEVS Car Rental Software and Website is the perfect web solution if you would like to save time, money, and efforts! You will have it all in one place - domain registration, setup, hosting, reliable online support, and on-demand customizations.

If you have other questions related to the choice of domain name for your rent-a-car website or need any advice, don't hold back to contact us! We will be happy to help!


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