Free car rental website templates

Free car rental website templates

There was a time when the pros could only do website design, and you needed to write thousands of lines of code to bring a rent a car website to life. Things have changed considerably, and now pretty much everyone with a rudimentary knowledge of sites can design one with ease. That is where car rental templates come in. They are ready-made websites, and all you have to do is fill in a few details to make it your own. The problem with free templates though is that there are so many out there that it is super awkward to choose the right one. So, we have gone through the trouble of selecting three awesome free car rental templates available on VEVS that will work perfectly as a great starting point for a free car rental website.

They are highly scalable and work seamlessly across devices and most importantly have been tailor-made for car rental companies. Car rental websites need to put their information across in a particular way to get maximum results, and that is why VEVS has built these "free rent a car templates" from the ground up to serve this niche perfectly and make any website designed using these templates to stand out from the competition.

Template #1

The one thing modern online users hate is to scroll through a lot of content to find what they need. This template tackles that issue head-on. This template goes for a large thumbnail based approach that makes it look fantastic and straightforward to use. What makes this template unique though is the subtle color accents that makes every part of the car rental website highly visible. Just a cursory glance is enough to get a fair understanding of how the website works and where you need to go for a particular thing. It manages to be attention grabbing without being flashy, and the subdued hues give it a very professional look.

The layout is elegant and aimed at being as user-friendly as possible. The dark themed approach gives it a very modern and classy look while also making it easy to be used in low light conditions. Then comes the scalability. It is equally accessible across devices ranging from smartphones to extra-wide monitors. There is no obscuring or overlapping of content and everything scales correctly to retain that classy look without sacrificing functionality. The most significant achievement of this template is that by keeping the design elements to a minimum, the loading time has been reduced drastically and speed is everything when it comes to an online business. Car Rental Websites designed with this free template will load quickly regardless of the speed of the internet slow allowing your visitors to access your site even from remote places. This is the perfect template for those who value ease of use over everything else.

Download Template #1 Create Car Rental Website


Template #2

Many websites today commit the cardinal crime of being designed like a maze. There is usually no way to return to a specific part of the site that was previously visited, and the user generally has to scroll all the way to the top to find what they are looking for which is counter-intuitive to a great online experience. This will probably force the user to go looking somewhere else. This free car rental template solves that problem with a very novel idea. Instead of having the menu bar on the top as is the norm for most websites, the menu bar is on the left, and it stays there no matter how far users scroll down the site. This allows people to instantly access any part of the website from anywhere as all that is needed is a click. This positioning of the menu bar in this unique way achieves two remarkable results. It makes navigating extremely easy while still displaying the main content of the website prominently.

Such a level of ease of use and dynamic design will only impress the visitors of your website and have them returning for more. This type of design is a tried and tested method that is used by multinational companies and might be just what your business needs to build a strong base of customers who keep using as well as recommending your car rental service to family and friends. This template also employs streamlined design techniques to make it load quicker. Finally, every care has been taken to make sure that it works seamlessly across devices. While the menu bar does lose a bit of its appeal on devices with smaller screens, it is nonetheless still handy. This template is designed for those who want to take their website to the next level and want a design that is very futuristic and innovative while still being highly functional.

Download Template #2 Create Car Rental Website


Template #3

The last free car rental template takes the most minimalistic approach of the three, and it does two things. It makes the website really fast, and even devices with low processing power can load this website without any hiccups. Another thing it does is that it keeps everything simple so that even the not so tech-savvy customers can use it with ease. This will allow websites designed with this template to target a broader range of customers. There is also a familiarity in the interface which won't put off people used to a specific type of website. It does not mean that such a site would be old-fashioned in any way. It is quite fashionable, just that it takes a classic look and improves upon it. This is also a very successful design scheme and is currently being used by such brands as Apple. Everything is displayed in a clean and organized manner, and all the fluff has been cut out. The color scheme is also very subtle making the content pop which is what matters.

It is still quite powerful and can serve as a strong base for a car-rental website that wants to get right down to business. It is attractive in an understated way and focuses more on providing a smooth user experience. By helping your visitors to quickly search for cars and book one without having to navigate a maze, you will be making life a lot easier for them which will be rewarded by more business and a stable base of loyal customers. This is the perfect template for those who are looking for the familiarity of a classic design but with the refinement of a modern one.

Download Template #3 Create Car Rental Website


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