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5 Ways A Blog Can Help Your Vacation Rental Business

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5 Ways A Blog Can Help Your Vacation Rental Business

A blog is an excellent way to start connecting with your existing audience and further expand it. Not only does a blog help highlight the human side of your business, it shows that you care for your customers and are there to offer genuine advice, information and help.

A vacation rental business is not just about getting bookings, it is about creating a memorable experience for the customer and helping them to make the most out of their stay. So, with that being said, here are 5 ways a blog can help your vacation rental business!

#1: Blogs Are Dynamic

Unlike a website that once created, remains static, a blog is updated regularly and constantly has new content being published to it. The dynamicity of a blog means that once you start to get visitors, they will keep coming back for more if they enjoy viewing the content.

With a standalone website, it can be costly and time inducing to have to keep requesting changes to the content, whereas a blog is simple and free to use and allows you to add as much additional content to your site as you wish!

With a vacation rental business, it can be difficult to include lots of content within your website, other than the listings themselves. With a blog, you can easily add more content on whatever topics you are your customers are going to be most interested in seeing.

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#2: Create & Share Localised Content

A huge benefit of a blog is the ability to create and share localised content. This is content that is specific to your area of operation. You can write blog posts about places to go and things to see in the local area, so when holiday goers arrive, they know exactly what they are going to do and see!

We have created a list of some example blog post topics that you could write about:

  • A new restaurant that just opened (this is a great way to partner up with a local establishment and provide customers for one another)
  • Best beaches to visit
  • Local hiking trails
  • Best buys at the yummy bakery in the nearby town
  • Interesting Museums
  • Provincial Parks in the area
  • Top tourist attractions to visit

#3: Improves Your Websites SEO

On the more technical side of blogs, having one will boost your website's SEO (search engine optimization) SEO concerns how your website ranks within the search engine results pages. Every website should make a continuous effort to drive their SEO progress forward and use it to increase traffic, which you can then use to your advantage, to increase bookings, enquiries and so on.

An easy method to improve your website's SEO is through having a blog. This is because content is a leading factor when it comes to search engine optimization. High quality content that includes the right keywords and is being actively searched for by others, will work wonders when it comes to increasing your traffic. Plus, if you combine that with creating and sharing localised content, you are going to heavily increase your chances of getting website visitors who are interested in making a booking.

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#4: Positions You As An Expert In The Market

Wouldn't it be great if you could position your vacation rental business as the leading authority within the market and gain a competitive advantage over the competition? Well, a blog can help you get there. By providing your readers with information about what they can do when they arrive, checklists of places to visit and a locals touch, you can start to position yourself as an expert and the local vacation rental business everyone should be visiting.

If you are able to provide blog posts on a range of different topics that potential guests are searching for, then your blog will become the “go to” place for information on the local area, thus increasing your chances of receiving bookings.

#5: Increases Leads & Bookings

It only makes sense that the more quality and relevant content that a website has, the more traffic it is going to receive, and the more potential it has for increasing bookings. According to hubspot, the more posts and web pages that a website has, the more leads it generates.

The reason you want to be publishing blog content is to grow your websites visibility, which in turn is going to increase the exposure of your vacation rental business, reaching more of those who will be interested in making bookings. By incorporating all the previous tips and methods we have mentioned, you are going to be well on your way to increasing your leads, and thus your bookings, helping you further grow your vacation rental business!


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