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Increasing website traffic and online sales is a never-ending task. To ensure that you get the most profit with the least effort, we work with proven digital experts who can assist you with this process.

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Authorised partnership benefits

How can VEVS Authorised Partners help you?

Choose from a wide range of services our digital partners provide and find the one that best suits your business needs.


Get discovered quickly in the search engines with a perfectly SEO-optimised VEVS website from one of our digital partners.

Social Media

Stand up from the crowd with engaging social media content and easily convert your audience into customers.

PPC & online advertising

Get your business effectively advertised in the online space.

Content writing & distribution

Create a website with engaging content that will bring in new clients and boost sales.

Graphic design, videos & animations

Amaze the visitors with stunning graphic designs, video animations and website layout.

Email Marketing

Send personalised offers to your clients and increase your conversions instantly with the help of our email marketing specialists.

How it works

All of our digital partners are pre-approved third-party businesses, ensuring that you receive the highest quality services possible.

Digital marketing step-by-step

Find suitable partner

Search and connect with the VEVS digital partner that best meets your company's needs as well as other criteria such as location, language, etc.


Discuss your project

Share your ideas and specifications with our authorized partner and make a common decision for a quick and appropriate solution for your business needs.


Get a quote

Discuss your project and budget directly with the digital partner and get the best offer for your requirements.


Approve and start collaborating

Congratulations! You've chosen the greatest digital partner for your online business. Now it's time to grow!


Do you need more information before you make a choice? Take a look at the commonly asked questions. The solution may be right in front of you. And don't forget, you may always reach out to us if you need some extra help!

How do I contact digital partners?

To get in touch with a digital partner, go to the Digital Partners page and use the contact information we give you. You can email or call the authorised partner directly if he is close to your location.

Are authorised partners from VEVS staff? Do you offer DM services?

All of our digital partners are pre-approved third-party businesses. They are not a part of the VEVS staff.

Moreover, the agreement and communication are solely between you and your VEVS digital partner. Hence, you can send the digital partner a direct message and communicate with him directly.

What is the pricing?

You can ask and get an offer directly from the VEVS digital partner for the services you need. Therefore, VEVS do not interfere with the agreed terms between you and your digital partner.

How do I pay?

To find out the payment methods, you should contact the VEVS authorised partner and discuss them directly with him. You pay for the digital marketing service directly to the VEVS authorized partner.

What if I am not satisfied by the service?

If you're not satisfied with the digital partner's service, we recommend you to discuss it with the partner directly first-hand and try finding a solution within the agreed terms.

We will also appreciate it if you give us quick feedback about the VEVS authorised partner's services. The reason for that is that we periodically evaluate our digital partners' services to be sure of the quality of their work.

Note: We are not responsible for the quality of the service, its results and compliance with the agreement between the two parties. However, we reserve the right to remove the digital partner if he is unfair to our customers or provides low-quality service.

Do VEVS authorised partners have access to my website?

The VEVS authorised partner does not have direct access to your VEVS website, unless they have created the website for you. You can give digital experts an access to your website admin area via the Users menu to ensure that they will effectively deliver the service agreed.

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Need any help?

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