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VEVS is a highly intuitive and affordable website builder helping a wide range of small and medium-sized companies bring their business online. Our clients love it because it offers a lot more flexibility than other website platforms.

We are looking for partners to reach more clients and profit together from each new deal. We've been working together with webmasters spread all over the world for more than a decade and now we would like to transfer this positive experience to VEVS brand, too.

Leave the coding, product development and background support to us and extend your product portfolio!

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Suitable for freelancers and companies who offer:

Website Development & Design

webmasters, web developers, webdesigners, web design studios and agencies, etc.

  • Extend your website portfolio by offering a variety of cutting-edge e-commerce solutions with no efforts and at no extra costs.
  • Deliver projects faster and easier with the ready-made VEVS solutions.
  • OutsourcŠµ the coding work for modifications and extra development to us.

Digital Marketing & Web Services

digital agencies, SEO, web consultancy and project management, hosting providers

  • Offer your customers a complete cycle of digital products and services including full-fledged business websites.
  • Increase profits by selling new products to your clients and contacts.
  • Boost customer satisfaction and increase convertions.

Which Partnership Fits You Best?

We offer 3 different partnership options intended to meet the specific requirements and business practices of our future partners. In the same time, we remain open to all your ideas and suggestions as well.

Website Branding
Setup fee
Subscription selling price
Lifelong revenue
Demo on your website
Active Promotion
Customer Service
Host & Maintenance
Dedicated Account Manager

VEVS-Branded Webmaster Partners

vevs logo
Charge a fee
defined by you
standard prices
20% commission on VEVS
standard subscription fees
Not required
You + VEVS

(delivered by VEVS)

unBranded Webmaster Partners

No brand elements
Charge a fee
defined by you
Your own
pricing scheme
Everything on top of our
standard subscription fees
Not required

(delivered by VEVS)

White-label Resellers

Charge a fee
defined by you
Your own
pricing scheme
Everything on top of our
standard subscription fees

(delivered by VEVS)

Let's shake hands and rock the web!


Learn more about the key principles of our Partnership Programs and proceed to each partnership type's FAQ for further details. Feel free to ask other questions, too!

How will I profit from my VEVS Partnership? What is the revenue model for partners?

Our pricing scheme includes:

  • Recurring subscription fees for using VEVS solutions and services.
  • One-off or recurring subscription fees for extra services and custom modifications.

The revenue of VEVS-Branded Webmaster Partners is based on commissions on the VEVS standard prices.

Unbranded Webmaster Partners and White-label Resellers are free to define their own prices. You will take everything on top of our standard pricing. How much you earn depends on you. You can also make your own pricing scheme - i.e. you are not obliged to offer both of our standard Small Business and Enterprise plans or both recurring payment types (monthly and yearly).

What will I earn from, more specifically?

As a VEVS Partner, you will make a profit from:

  • Setup fees - You will define the setup price and whether to charge clients for the website setup.
  • Subscription fees - Branded Partners cannot define the subscription fees - i.e. they profit from commissions. Unbranded Partners and White-label Resellers define their own subscription fees and pay the standard VEVS subscription fees to us - i.e. they profit from the difference.
  • Other subscription-based services (domain, mailboxes, HTTPS, SMS plans, etc.) - same as above
  • Other, one-time services - For custom modifications you get a 10-15% discount depending on the Partnership Program. On top of this, Unbranded Partners and White-label Resellers can set their own profit margins. All other one-time services can be discussed additionally so we can come to a mutually beneficial pricing scheme.
What do you mean by "Website Branding"?

The Website Branding encompasses all distinguishing design elements, symbols, and links associated with VEVS and located on both the frontend and backend (CMS) of our websites. Check the FAQ section of each Partnership Program (Branded, Unbranded, White-label) to see the applicable branding conditions.

Can I put my own Copyright notice on your websites and administration page?

The copyrights of all our products belong solely to VEVS and StivaSoft Ltd. and hence none of our partners and resellers is allowed to put a Copyright notice with their own brand on our websites and associated software products. White-label Resellers, however, may place their company name and logo on our websites. Read more about the branding conditions in each Partnership Program's FAQ.

Can I offer your free websites to my clients?

Unfortunately we cannot provide free websites to your customers. Of course, they can create a free website on if they know who we are.

Is a one-time website payment possible instead of the monthly and yearly subscription payments?

All VEVS website solutions are subscription-based. We don't accept changes to the VEVS revenue model.

How can I showcase VEVS solutions to my clients?

You can create unlimited trial installations on behalf of your clients. For more details please check the 'How it works' section for each partnership program.

How long is the extended trial for my demo installations?

All partners have extended 30-day free trial to present the website solution to their customers. You and your customers will have a total of 30 days to explore the VEVS solutions. If that time is not enough for you to set up the website or for your client to take a decision, let us know and we can extend the trial.

How can I show the different website templates to my customers?

You can showcase all available website templates by switching them through the website administration page (CMS). White-label Resellers, please, check 'How it works' for more details.

Can I host your websites on my own hosting account?

VEVS offers one-source website solutions and the hosting is included in the bundle service regardless how our products reach the end customers.

Can I make custom modifications and change your websites' HTML and CSS on my own?

All custom tweaks will be delivered to you or your customers exclusively by our development team.

How quick and reliable is your Customer Support?

VEVS Customer Success Team usually replies to client requests within a few hours depending on their urgency and the present workload. We provide a convenient Skype and Viber assistance, too.

Would you remove bugs found in your products?

Yes, we will fix your client installations upon request. For White-label Reseller installations check the detailed FAQ.

Will my customers receive notifications about new website versions and updates? Will you update their websites?

In rare cases, for example, when we have resolved important issues on our websites, we apply these improvements to all associated installations in the background. As a rule, we don't make bulk updates for two main reasons - first, major releases often have a completely different database structure and second, if there are custom modifications on a given website, it just doesn't work. If your customers need a specific functionality or feature that is available on the latest website version, just contact us!

What can I do if a particular VEVS website doesn't fully meet my customer's needs?

You can request additional custom modifications and extra services or direct your customers to us depending on the Partnership Program you have enrolled. Read more about the customization conditions in the respective Partnership Program's FAQ.

My client stopped paying their subscription. What should I do?

Please, inform us in a timely manner. We will keep the respective website intact up to one month after the last received subscription payment. In the meantime, you can contact the client, clarify the situation, and reset the payments. If there is a specific case or reason why the payment has stopped, you should let us know so that we can reach a common decision which is beneficial for all sides.

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