Earn a $200 commission!

Recommend us to someone you know who works in the industries we serve, and we will reward you with $200 when they become our client.



High Commissions For every referral that becomes a VEVS client, you'll receive a $200 commission. By doing so, you'll not only provide an outstanding software solution to your network, but you'll also make some extra money.

For Everyone Our referral program is open to everyone! You are welcome to recommend potential clients and take advantage of the commission we provide, whether you are a client, collaborator, or just know a company that would benefit from VEVS.

Wide Range Of Solutions The software solutions we provide simplify operations for businesses across various industries. We are more than a software provider. VEVS Rental Software is your business partner for efficient business management.


Our complete set of features makes VEVS Rental Software an ideal platform for businesses from many industries, including rental companies, vacation and property managers, and even yacht, boat, and car dealers. You can trust that referring VEVS to your network will help them run a profitable business. No matter what industry they belong to, we provide powerful software that meets their specific business needs.

Use chat

Send personal messages by chat and email, recommend us by phone or even meet the people who you think will be interested in using VEVS. The more you recommend us to the more commission you will earn.


Or get an affiliate link

Join our affiliate program and get your unique affiliate link to include it in your articles, videos, social media posts, or other advertising materials.

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Do you need more information before you make a choice? Take a look at the commonly asked questions. The solution may be right in front of you. And don't forget, you may always reach out to us if you need some extra help!

How does the referral program work?

Our referral program is very straightforward. Simply recommend VEVS to somebody you know who is operating in some of the industries we serve, and we will give you a $200 commission for that. Note that we will reward you with a $200 commission only when your referral becomes a paying client.

Who can participate in the referral program?

Anyone can participate! Whether you're an existing customer, a partner, or simply someone who knows businesses that could benefit from VEVS, you're welcome to refer clients.

Are there any restrictions on the industries I can refer from?

We serve a wide range of industries, so referrals from rental businesses, property management, car dealerships, and more are all eligible.

How do I refer someone to VEVS?

There are numerous options for you to promote VEVS. You can refer us by phone, email, personal meeting, or any other form of communication.

Can I refer in other ways?

Absolutely! For instance, if you have a blog, you can incorporate an affiliate link. To request your unique affiliate link, just contact us.

What happens after I make a referral?

Once your referred client becomes a paying customer, we'll reach out to you to confirm the successful referral and arrange your commission payment.

Is there a limit to how many clients I can refer?

There's no limit! You can refer as many clients as you'd like and earn $200 for each successful conversion.

Do I need to be a VEVS customer to participate?

No, you don't need to be a customer to participate. Our referral program is open to everyone.

When and how do I receive my commission?

You'll receive your $200 commission after the referred client completes their payment and becomes an active VEVS customer. We'll arrange the payment method with you - PayPal, Wire transfer, etc.

Can I refer clients from outside my country?

Absolutely! Our referral program is open internationally, so you can refer clients from anywhere around the world.

What if I have more questions or need assistance?

Feеl free to contact our support team if you have any questions, need assistance, or require more information about the referral program. We're here to help!

Need any help?
Need any help?

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