CampRoutes Motorhome Rental

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Location: Portugal

CampRoutes Motorhome Rental

Company Profile:

CampRoutes is a motorhome rental company created by two lovers of motorhome trips with vast experience in traveling. The founders want their customers to enjoy the fantastic experience called motorhome trips without restrictions of comfort and convenience as if they were in their own houses!

CampRoutes strives every day to guarantee the best living and travel conditions and optimal customer satisfaction. An integral part of their marketing and customer service is their website created with VEVS Car Rental Website Builder.

Custom Modifications:

Since the VEVS car rental website solution is classical car rental software, both teams discussed the modifications need to fit the CampRoutes motorhome rental business. The VEVS development team delivered the following:

- "Extras" and"Routes" pages were added.
- "Pick-up & Return" hours modifications.
- "Out of hours" fee added for bookings with pickup or return time that is outside the regular business hours of the company.
- Extra "Pick-up & Return" fee is chargeable when the Pick-up and Return are set to a non-office location.

CampRoutes Motorhome Rental

Client Testimonial:

“When we were starting our company, we wanted a website that is user-friendly, dynamic, and set up by the CampRoutes team. However, as soon as we saw the VEVS Website Builder, we said: "This is what we need!"

Then we started, step by step, upgrade by upgrade, always supported by the outstanding professionalism of the VEVS team, until we reached our goal, and the result, in our opinion, is great!

We are delighted with our website, and the feedback of our customers regarding the website usability and looks has been great. We appreciate all the work that the VEVS team has done for us. Congratulations VEVS, and continue with your excellent work!”

Eduardo Relvas

Founder & Owner

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