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Car Rental Website 1.3: Take your rent-a-car business to the next level

Car Rental Website 1.3: Take your rent-a-car business to the next level

Following the recent update to our Car Dealer Websites, today we are introducing Car Rental Website 1.3 - fitted with a set of new designs, enhanced website usability, and refined setting controls. The fact that it is the most used web solution of VEVS Website Builder, has ensured us regular customer feedback and improvement requests that helped our development team to make it more intuitive and much more efficient. Now you can attune the car rental system to your country or company-specific rules and regulations and configure additional settings.

FREE version & new pricing plans

We have already implemented our new pricing tiers tailored to the respective business size and needs. There is also a new FREE version of our Car Rental Websites which is more suitable for startups who are still making their way and exploring the market opportunities. You can upgrade to another pricing plan at any time depending on the speed of growth and specific necessities of your rent-a-car business. Already well-established companies can realize significant savings by opting for the annual subscription.

Car Rental Website - Pricing plans


Enhanced content management system

Most entrepreneurs and business people who are launching their online business for the first time tend to outsource the administration of their company websites to a designated IT staff. If you cannot afford this luxury or would rather hold the reins of your business tightly and independently, you can easily do this with VEVS. Thanks to our simple yet powerful content management system (CMS), users can effortlessly add and update cars, images, and all relevant details, and thus present their car inventory in the best possible way.

Car Rental Website - Admin

What's more, version 1.3 of our Car Rental Websites comes with a reorganized and redesigned back-end system which provides further plainness to the administration process. There are separate panels for your website settings, content, design, and the built-in car rental system - which will be the core of your online rent-a-car business. The clean-cut dashboard will help you keep track of the latest bookings, pick-ups, and returns. You can also take advantage of the newly added startup guide, follow our useful tips and request our support.

New sporty website templates

We have created five new rent-a-car website designs which are available in ten different color themes. You can preview them on the product page and sign up for a free demo to calmly explore them for yourself. Clients who have already created their site with us, are able to switch their website template and colors at any time from the admin CMS. They won't be charged additionally. We can also make further fine-tunings to these templates or create custom-made website design upon request.

Car Rental Website - Templates & Colors

Improved usability and settings

Showcase your fleet on a separate page

We have added a new Fleet page to the Car Rental Websites so that you can group similar vehicles into separate categories. Customers can book car types, not specific cars. Each fleet type contains multiple vehicles presented by high-quality images and a short info about the general details (passengers, doors, baggage, transmission). The description text can now be formatted using a handy WYSIWYG editor on the back-end. You are free to hide the Fleet page from the admin panel if you would like to organize your website contents differently.

Car Rental Website - Fleet page

Add Extras & Mandatory fees

Clients who wish to book additional services to their car reservation (such as insurance, navigation, child seat, etc.) would surely want to read more details about each extra. For this purpose, we have added a description field which can also be translated into all languages you have activated on your website.

Now you can also add various Mandatory fees (for example, insurance fees, company or country-specific fees) and exempt them from the regular taxes, if applicable. Provide your customers with more information about each fee using the designated text field and win over their trust by being both transparent and expedient.

Car Rental Website - Extras & Mandatory fees

Create custom-made documents

The advanced car rental software integrated into the VEVS Car Rental Website Builder allows users to compose different types of documents required for each particular car hire business. Using the Word-like text editor and the predefined tokens, admins can create a multitude of sample Rental Agreements, Inspection Sheets, and other related papers and translate them in all active languages.

As soon as you have added a new sample document, you can retrieve it from each reservation on the back-end and replace all car and customer details. This feature will spare you hours of clerical work and automate your operations so that you can focus on your core business activities.

Car Rental Website - Documents

Measure your site and gain client insights

Version 1.3 of our Car Rental Websites allows you to add a tracking code for various third-party tools (Google Analytics, Mixpanel, CrazyEgg, ClickTale, KISSMetrics, etc.) on your web pages. To enable the tracking functionality, you just need to paste the respective HTML/JavaScript code in the designated fields on the back-end.

Keep an online record of your payments

Website admins can now add all payments made by clients for their reservations in a special payments log in the admin area. Users can select the respective payment, payment method, and status from simple drop-down menus. All amounts paid and due which are displayed in the information box are automatically calculated based on the payments you add.

Car Rental Website - Payments log


Other small but mighty tweaks

Along with the above mentioned major improvements to our Car Rental Websites, we have refined some of the already existing settings and options. For example, you can select your preferred hour format (AM/PM, 24 hours), price format, and currency position (before or after amount). Upon our current clients’ request, we have enabled users to set "Car service time upon drop-off", i.e. the time necessary to prepare the car for the next client, and "Minimum driver's age" which may vary between countries and continents.

If a client selects a booking date out of your default working hours, he/she will see an informative "error" message containing the available dates and hours. You can allow (or disallow) drop-offs out of your working time and thus provide a 24h service.

Car Rental Website - Working hours

To get the whole picture and see how the enhanced Car Rental Websites works both on the front- and back-end, just pick a template and sign up for a FREE demo. You can also check the features page for a more detailed presentation of all key functionalities of our car rental software.

We are ready to answer all your questions and guide your way to your new rent-a-car website! Just contact our Customer Success Managers and let your online journey begin! Feel free to share this post with other interested parties using the quick social buttons below! Thank you!

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