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VEVS Business Software and Website & NDV International From Italy - Partnership Announcement

VEVS Business Software and Website & NDV International From Italy - Partnership Announcement

We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership between VEVS Business Software & Website and NDV International, a renowned company based in Italy. NDV International operates primarily in the EMEA region and specialises in providing complex IT solutions for governments, firms, and clients. With a strong presence in the large-scale IT consulting business, NDV International offers services such as biometric identity, e-voting, and the design and implementation of software platforms.

One of NDV International's key strengths lies in its ability to connect businesses aiming to expand their operations, particularly in Italy. As a trusted partner, NDV International assists companies by providing joint-venturing opportunities, pre-sales activities, and participation in trade shows and events. The company boasts extensive connections with firms and institutions, demonstrating its commitment to fostering mutually beneficial collaborations. Notably, NDV International has a specific focus on sustainability projects, aligning itself with the global movement towards environmental responsibility.

"We are thrilled to embark on this exciting partnership with VEVS Business Software & Website, especially for our Italy-based clients. This collaboration allows us to offer advanced industry-specific software and website solutions tailored to the needs of Italy-based businesses in their native language. The combination of VEVS' cutting-edge technology and our expertise in web development delivers exceptional value and revolutionises the digital possibilities for the Italy-based market. I couldn't be more excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for our clients in Italy."

Mr. Andrea De Vizio

CEO of NDV International

The collaboration between VEVS Business Software & Website and NDV International brings forth a realm of exciting opportunities for businesses based in Italy. This partnership combines VEVS' state-of-the-art software and website solutions with the advanced expertise of NDV International in web development. As a result, this partnership holds the potential to provide unparalleled value and outstanding outcomes. If you are located in Italy and prefer support and setup services in your native language, but your company still requires a new professional website with powerful built-in software, NDV International stands ready to assist you, ensuring you can fully utilise our software and website solutions.

For those interested in exploring this partnership further, NDV International can be contacted through their website at www.ndvinternational.com. For inquiries or collaboration opportunities, you may reach out to Mr. Andrea De Vizio via email at [email protected] or by phone at +393332398987.

This partnership marks an exciting chapter for both VEVS Business Software & Website and NDV International. Together, we are poised to revolutionise the web development landscape, providing businesses in Italy and the EMEA region with unparalleled solutions that drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and empower digital transformation.

Stay tuned for more updates on this dynamic collaboration as VEVS Business Software and Website and NDV International continue to make strides in the realm of IT solutions and web development.

If you, too, want to become VEVS Partner, you can apply through our VEVS Partnership Program


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