Website Builder Update - CMS 1.3

Website Builder Update - CMS 1.3

It’s here! The launch of our new Website Editor & Start Mega Menu. With this new update, comes a whole new and improved redesign and makes it increasingly easier to navigate all the sections, features and settings of your VEVS website. Currently, this update is available only for our Business Websites, Car Dealer, Car Rental, Car Parking & Real Estate Websites, however, it shall soon be available for all website industries that we offer at

In this blog post, we are going to be comparing the Old vs New VEVS Website Editor & introducing our brand new Start Mega Menu & Setup Wizard!

Old VEVS Website Editor

VEVS CMS previous version

The screenshot above shows the old VEVS Website Editor.

New VEVS Website Editor

VEVS CMS 1.3 version

The screenshot above shows the new VEVS Website Editor

It features an updated interface where you can now edit your website in full-screen mode, allowing you to really focus on building out your VEVS website. It also includes a new toolbar down the left-hand side, where you can easily add and edit pages, view the page settings and site menu, access the design settings and preview your website, as you are creating it.

Start Mega Menu

In addition to the new interface and features of the Website Editor, we have also created a brand new Start Mega Menu, and you will be pleased to know, it is much more accessible and user-friendly compared to the previous menu. We have included a screenshot below:

VEVS Mega Menu

With the all-new redesigned menu, it is much easier to find the features and settings you need to create, edit and manage your VEVS website with ease and efficiency.

Setup Wizard

Finally, we have included a detailed setup wizard, which provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up your VEVS Website. Our setup wizard will help you quickly customize and set up your new website. It should not take more than 5 minutes! We have included a screenshot of the all-new Setup Wizard below:

VEVS Set-up Wizard

Are you ready to create your VEVS website? For more information and to get started today, visit


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