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Partnership Announcement - VEVS Business Software & Website Joins Forces with BM Design Studio from Pakistan

Partnership Announcement - VEVS Business Software & Website Joins Forces with BM Design Studio from Pakistan

Serving our clients was always a top priority for us. However, to move one step further, we decided to build our VEVS Partnership Program. Through our program, we were able to connect with various professionals from around the world who share the same passion as we have - software and website development. That is why we decided to join forces with Umair, the Founder of BM Designs Studio - one of the most famous website development agencies in Pakistan. Thanks to our partnership with Umair, we are ready to provide our clients from Pakistan and the region with even better customer service.

"Collaborating with VEVS through the Partnership Program has been a remarkable journey. Together, we are revolutionizing the digital landscape in Pakistan, empowering businesses with cutting-edge software and website-building solutions and exceptional customer service. I am honored to participate in this transformative partnership with VEVS, and I can't wait to create remarkable experiences for our clients."

Umair, Founder of BM Designs Studio

Our partnership with BM Designs Studio opens new possibilities for Pakistan-based businesses looking for an advanced software solution for their rental business. Combining VEVS's unique software and website offerings with BM Designs Studio's advanced website design skills, we are sure to deliver exceptional value and results for our clients. If you are interested in BM Designs Studio services, you can contact them through their contact form on their website https://www.bmdesigns.studio/ via email at [email protected], or if you are located in Pakistan, you can call them at +923217567014.

We are excited to have Umair on board as a partner and look forward to many more successful collaborations in the future. If you, too, want to join our VEVS Partner Program, simply create an account, and we will contact you.

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