Customize Your Website By Changing Each Page's Layout

Customize Your Website By Changing Each Page's Layout

The latest upgrade of VEVS Website Builder enables users to change the layout of each of their website’s pages. Our users can now choose from 5 different page layouts. This design tweak comes to prove our ambitious efforts to accommodate all customer tastes and preferences. Our web development and web design teams have joined forces to make the personalization of your VEVS website as simple and pleasant as possible.

The coolest thing is you don’t need any external IT support and can “shuffle” page layouts anytime you want. Add this to the 10 different color, font and style themes already available with VEVS Website Builder and you will have a great set of combinations! (Please, note that you can only change the color scheme for the whole site, not for a particular page.) Thus, you not just have a powerful, fully fitted business website, but a one that stands out with a modern, attention-grabbing and varied design.

As a start, we have implemented the page layout upgrade into our Car Rental, Car Dealer and Holiday Property Websites. It will be introduced in all other website types during the upcoming weeks. So stay tuned. We promise to update you on the progress.

Now let’s quickly summarize and review what’s new:

  • 5 different layouts for each web page
  • Multiple “color / style - layout” variations
  • Easy page layout preview functionality
  • Change layouts both from the front- and back-end
  • Custom page layouts possible upon request


You can preview and change page layouts both from the administration panel and with the smart content editor on your website. There is no difference in the end result. Make it the way it's more comfortable for you.

Option 1: Change page layouts from the admin 

Just go to the “Website Design” menu in the admin page of your VEVS website, click the “Page Layout” tab and go over all five layouts for each of your site pages to preview and enable them. Refresh your web page and the new layout will appear right away.


According to your specific business needs, you can also easily show / hide pages (respectively header menu links) from the “Options” tab in the “Website Content” menu. 


Option 2:
Change page layouts with the on-site editor

Switch on VEVS Text Editor from the admin panel and change page layouts directly on your website. Preview all layouts for each page and enable the one you like best with a single click. You can also change the color and style theme of your website if you need a refresher. 



With the latest locale plugin update affecting language settings on VEVS websites, you can enable RTL text and layout direction for Arabic, Hebrew and Urdu languages. You just need to switch languages from the language bar to reverse the direction.


If you have any questions or would like to request a custom page layout, just contact us and we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for keeping up to date with us!

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