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Flags Out For VEVS New Language Settings

Flags Out For VEVS New Language Settings

We have just implemented a pilot locale plugin update which affects language settings on VEVS Car Rental Websites. It will be introduced in all other website types available on VEVS.com in the upcoming weeks. Here is a quick overview of all new functionalities which will enhance your website’s user experience and enable you to make some significant fine-tunings:

Default language and order

Website administrators can now more easily set the default language and order all active languages according to their business needs. They can (re)arrange languages either using the “up and down” arrows, or simply by dragging and dropping them. You are free to add, delete and reorder languages anytime.

Flags management

The language flag changes according to the selected country, not the language homeland. For example, if you select English (Australia), the flag will be Australian, not British. Likewise, if you select Spanish (Dominican Republic), the flag will be Dominican, not Spanish.

Languages that are spoken in multiple countries (such as English, German, Spanish etc.) can also be displayed on the website without a flag icon. In this case, you have to select the first (blank) option for the respective language.

If you wish, you can also upload your own flag image from the back-end system.

Titles in the native language

For space-saving reasons the language bar on VEVS websites contains a country flag and a two-letter language code. All languages and country titles in the drop-down menu appear in their original writing and can be easily renamed/shortened from the back-end. This allows visitors to spot their mother tongue quickly and feel more comfortable when exploring your website.

Right-to-left (RTL) writing direction

If the website owner or a visitor switches to a given RTL language, the text direction and website layout will automatically change from left-to-right (LTR) to right-to-left (RTL). This software tweak provides a whole new user experience and facilitates our customers from Arabic-, Hebrew- and Urdu-speaking countries. They only need to upload their own text content.

Translation Services

If you want to translate your website into other languages, but don't have enough time or workforce to do this, we can make the content translation for you as an extra service. Just contact us!

Contact us

No external help should be necessary to make changes to your “Language” settings. If you, however, encounter any difficulties or need any technical assistance, please turn to our Customer Support team, and we will gladly help you. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for other updates!

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