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5 Powerful SEO Chrome Extensions You Must Have

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5 Powerful SEO Chrome Extensions You Must Have

Keeping on top of daily tasks can often get overwhelming. With so many things to get done each day and more to plan for the future, is it imperative to search for ways to help reduce said workload and allow for increased productivity and organization. Chrome extensions are a brilliant way to not only save time but also to find information quickly and efficiently.

There are over 180,000 chrome extensions to choose from, but in this blog post, we are going to be going over 5 powerful SEO chrome extensions that you must have.

What Are Chrome Extensions & How Are They Used

By definition, extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to tailor Chrome functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences.

At the click of a button, you can have SEO plugins installed within your chrome browser, which will open the doors to higher productivity levels. As we have already mentioned, there are over 180,000 different chrome extensions available.

In terms of using a given chrome extension, it will differ from one to another, but the process of installing it is the same. You simply visit the google chrome extensions library and click install on the extension you wish to use. Once installed, you can have the option to display the extension within the top right corner of the address field bar. This allows for easy access and usability.

Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into our first recommendation!

#1: Google’s PageSpeed Insights Extension

As we have mentioned in many of our other blog posts, site speed is a major ranking factor when it comes to SEO and conversion rate. Something as small as a one second delay in page load time can have a massive impact on the number of conversions for your website.

This means that it is essential that you are monitoring your website's response time on a consistent basis. Google PageSpeed Insights is a brilliant tool that will allow you to explore your website’s usability and see things from the users perspective. It identifies elements that are leading to slow loading time and a poor mobile user experience, and provides you with suggestions on how to improve and fix them.

Something as simple as optimizing your websites images by reducing their file size can have a significant impact on your site speed, and without knowing the current loading time of your website, it can be difficult to know if there are even issues that need fixing.

Install the Google PageSpeed Insights extension.

#2: Page Analytics by Google

Wouldn’t it be great if you could understand the behaviour of the users that visit your website? Well, with Page Analytics, you are able to see useful data such as where your users click and the number of active visitors in real-time.

Plus, if that data is not useful enough, you can even see bubbles showing the percentage of visitors who clicked in a particular place within a web page. By analyzing the places where your users are clicking and engaging the most, you can then optimize the design of your website accordingly.

Install the Page Analytics extension.

#3: Link Miner

Broken links on a website can have a damaging effect on metrics such as conversions, bounce rate and overall time spent on site. It is without question that broken link building is an extremely effective method of increasing a website's authority. However, it can often be a time-consuming process, as you first need to find the broken web links and then redirect them to a web page on the website that is active and working.

Link miner is a simple yet handy tool that can do just that for you, all at the click of a button. Not only will Link Miner find the broken links for you, but it will compile them into a list along with other useful information. You can even export the information and download it as a CVS file.

If you are looking to increase the backlinks to your own website further, you can even use this extension to discover link building opportunities with other websites.

Install the Link Miner extension.

#4: Keyword Surfer

Keyword research is highly important when looking to achieve any successful SEO results. Without knowing what keywords to target, the competitiveness of certain keywords and different variations you could be using, it will prove to be very difficult to grow the organic traffic for your website, and increase your search ranking positions.

Luckily, this particular extension makes it easier for you by showing domain-level traffic estimations in the search results and keyword volumes so you can view the data behind the keywords you wish to include within your own website.

You can then use this data to choose your websites keywords more effectively and efficiently, helping you reach your targets that bit quicker.

Install the Keyword Surfer extension.

#5: Bit.ly

Now, this extension is something that we had to include within this blog post, simply because it is arguably the best URL shortener available and will be incredibly useful on a daily basis.

This extension allows you to shorten URLs quickly, and even lets you track stats such as the number of clicks a link got.

When you click on this extension icon, it will automatically give you a shortened URL to use which you can then share directly from the popup window, or you can input any link of your own and add a custom tag to make it unique to you.

Install the Bit.ly extension.


We are sure that those extensions are going to help increase your productivity and also lead to some great improvements to your website from an SEO perspective.

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