White-label Reseller

Present and sell VEVS e-commerce websites under your own brand. Define prices and get special discounts. Start new web business with minimum efforts!

What You Earn

As a white-label reseller you are free to set own prices. You will get everything on top of our standard pricing. How much that would be is up to you.

website setup fee
website setup fee defined by you

It's entirely up to you how much you charge your customers for setting up their websites. Your business. Your prices.

subscription fees Re-sell on your pricehigher than our fees

You know your market and so you define subscription prices. Earn anything on top of our standard prices!

custom modification fees
get discount for each website sold

Increase your profits with an extra discount based on the sales volume! The more you sell, the more you earn!


  • You want to demonstrate our products on your website and present them as yours.
  • You prefer to serve your customers and maintain their VEVS websites on your own.
  • You need a background support and on-demand customizations delivered by VEVS.

How it works:

  • Account: Once we approve your application, we will create a partnership account for you. Through your account, you will be able to embed a demo sign-up form on your website, generate demo installations for your site or internal use, generate trial installations for your clients, review information of all your client installations and payments.
  • Your brand: All website installations created via your account or the sign-up forms you are using will be branded with your logo and company name. Trial installations will be automatically generated on the http://trials.freedemo.website domain. Neither the trial website front-end, back-end or the freedemo.website will have links to vevs.com, VEVS logo or name.
  • Promotion: We expect Resellers to actively and positively promote the VEVS website products they have selected (of course, under their brand) via their website, social media, newsletter or any other appropriate channel. You can generate demo installations under your brand and showcase them on your site.
  • Customer trials: You can allow your clients to create Free Trial Websites directly from your website. Via a few lines of JS code, you can easily integrate a trial Sign-up form on your site. The form will automatically generate a trial website installation (front-end and admin area) for your clients. You can also create trial installations manually for you leads via your partner account. All trials will be with your branding and VEVS will be hidden.
  • Website: If you do not have a site we will provide you with a free reseller website where you can present VEVS website solutions. You can download the HTML template and host it on your account. You will only have to add the content. Upon request, for a one-time fee, we can set up this website for you.
  • Localization: We highly recommend taking the effort needed and make your demo and trial installations to look like and feel like local. That could be crucial for the conversion rate and the partnership success. You can customize your own demo installations to match your local market specifics - add the proper language version and currency, translate the website front-end and back-end, upload suitable images, etc. We will make the necessary settings so that all of your trial and new website installations come in your language and following your localization preferences.
  • Sales and customer support: As a White-label Reseller you manage the sales process and the communication with your clients. White-label Resellers should know how our websites and CMS work and be able to set up, manage and personalize them. You are also in charge of your customers' training if they are going to administrate their websites independently. Of course, you may want to manage your clients' websites as an additional service. It's your decision!
  • Conversion: When your lead converts, you need to request a website upgrade and notify us about the subscription plan they have chosen. It is then your obligation to set up and ensure the subscription payment along with any extra service that your client might have requested.
  • VEVS support: Our team will support you in the background within the process and the customer lifetime. We will provide you with all the assistance necessary to work and get to know our products better. Please, note that the communication regarding your customer projects shall be kept between you and us only.
  • Products for your market: In order to make a given website suitable for your market or specific target group, along with uploading an appropriate content, you may need particular custom modifications. We will gladly discuss your requirements and the necessary changes to our standard products. If you want to request an entirely new business website type, just contact us!

Ready to become White-label Reseller and profit with VEVS?


Read some specific questions about the White-label Reseller Parnership.

What's expected from the White-label Reseller? Will I be obliged to hit any targets?

There are no targets. However, we strongly encourage you to advertise and showcase VEVS products under your own brand, at least by adding a demo installation and short description about our products on your website. Of course, you can make an active paid advertising, too, if you wish. We would also recommend you to translate and customize the websites so that they look more local and adequate. The more you sell, the higher commission you will be paid!

What does it mean selling your websites under my brand? Will I be able to use my company's notice on your products?

We will remove all elements (logo, text messages, links) associated with VEVS from the website front-end and admin area. We will place your logo and company name. The website will be signed as "Website Managed by Your Company Name".

How much do I earn as a White-label reseller?

Being a white-label reseller you can offer VEVS websites under your brand for any price that you can sell it for. For example, if we offer Real Estate websites for $30 per month, you can offer them for $75 and hence earn $45 per month for each Real Estate website that you sell.

Furthermore, we will give you a discount on our standard website package subscription fees based on the number of sales that you make.

We will pay you 10% commission on our other subscription-based services (domain, mailboxes, SSL certificate, SMS plans, etc).

You can also offer set up services so that clients pay you help them configure their websites.

And finally, we will pay you 15% commission for each custom project that your clients order.

What discount do I get from your standard website package prices?

The more websites you sell, the bigger discount you will get from our standard subscription fees. For each new client, you will get a lifelong discount for their monthly subscription fee depending on the number of currently active clients that you have.
• You will get 5% discount for each one of the first 5 clients.
• If you have 5 active clients, you will get a 15% discount for each next client until your 25th client.
• If you have 25 active clients, you will get a 25% discount for each next client until your 100th client.
• If you have more than 100 active clients, we will offer you an even bigger discount!
The discount you get for each individual client is permanent for as long as they stay with VEVS. It depends on the number of active clients you have at the moment that client converts, and it does not change over the time.

The above discount levels are just a starting point and depend on the conversion and churn rates, the support level that you provide, etc.. We will be happy to discuss your plans and offer custom discounts!

How should we settle the payments?

As a White-label Reseller, you will collect all payments from your clients. You then need to arrange the payments due towards us.

For the website service package, you are obligated to settle an automated recurring payment for each client that you have according to their chosen subscription plan, billing cycle and your commission level.

That is also valid for all other subscription services like domain name, SSL certificate, Dedicated IP, etc.

One-time payments (e.g., customizations, web apps, etc.) are case-specific and subject to additional discussions.

What payment methods can I choose?

We require online payments via PayPal or 2checkout for all recurring subscription payments. You can use your either your credit card or your account with PayPal or 2checkout if you have such. All recurring subscription prices/payments are in USD.

One-time payments are case-specific. We might require online or wire transfer fees according to the payment amount and our payment conditions at the time.

Can I offer your Free Plan websites to my clients?

No. You can only resell the Small Business and Enterprise subscription plans.

Is a one-time website payment possible instead of the monthly and yearly subscription payments?

All VEVS website solutions are subscription-based. We don't accept changes to the VEVS revenue model.

Am I obligated to follow your website subscription plans? Can I use my scheme?

We can discuss and arrange subscription packages and billing cycles that you consider more appropriate for your market. In all other cases, you are obligated to pay us according to our subscription plans packages, limitations and billing cycles. However, you are not bound to offer all package options to your clients. For example, you can offer only Small Business Yearly subscription plan.

How can I showcase VEVS solutions to my clients?

You can add a Free Trial Sign-up form on your website pages. Via the sign-up form, your clients will be able to create trial installations on their own. The sign-up form will automatically generate trail installation, front-end, and back-end, that your prospects are free to review and test. You can add Free Trial Sign-up forms for every VEVS product that you want to resell.

You can also create manually unlimited trial installations via your partner account.

All trials associated with your account will be with your branding and your localization settings.

We also recommend adding a demo installation on your website as well as product description and images or screenshots. We also recommend making your demo installation look like and feel like local. You can translate the demo or change the text content, update the image content, set the appropriate currency.

I do not use the Trial Sign-up form/code can I still create trials? Will they be with my branding?

Yes, you can create manually trail installations of every product that we have via your partner account. All installations, regardless of the product you choose, will be with your branding.

How can I customize VEVS products to meet my local market requirements?

First off, you can translate the website front-end and back-end for each solution you intend to resell. Then you can request presetting of localization settings like currency, currency format, time-zone, available languages. All installations for that product that are generated from you and your website visitors will follow the localization settings and will be in your language.

Note that we will have to add the front-end language translation to our default product version. But the back-end translation will be available for your customers only.

Note also, that you can change the images on your demo installation, but your client trails will come with the default dummy images that we provide.

What is the difference between a ‘demo’ installation and a ‘client trail’ installation?

We name an installation ‘a demo’ if you will use it to add a link to it into your website so that your website visitors can review it without signing up for a free trial or request a trial from you. Client trial installations are supposed to be temporary and individual. If you need demo installations for your website, please contact us, and we’ll make them active as long as you need them.

How long is the trial period for the client installations?

All partners have extended 21-day free trial period to present the website solution to their customers. The trail installations are generated by default with a 7-day trial period, but you can extend that period for another 14 days via your account. You and your customers will have a total of 21 days to explore the VEVS solutions. If that time is not enough for you to set up the website or for your client to take a decision, let us know and we can extend the trial.

Will my client trials be duplicates of my demo installation? Will they be the latest product version?

our client installations will not be a copy of your demo installation but copies of the latest product version. We recommend this so that your customers have the best and most recent features, templates, performance and browser compatibility plus all custom settings they have made on their trial installations. However, your client trails will follow your custom ‘localization’ settings.

Will my demo installations be updated to the latest product version?

Often, upgrades to a new product version are not possible, because they have different architecture, database structure or framework. You can always, take advantage of a new product version release, but you may need to set it up again and re-upload your unique content.

Are there any limitations in trial installations?

No, the trail installation is a fully-operational solution. Once a client wants to start using our services we simply upgrade the same installation and set it to the client domain.

The only limitation that trials have are related to the SMTP management. Prospects cannot set their SMTP account and start sending email notifications while on trial.

What do I need to start?

Apply for the White-label Reseller program, and we’ll contact you to discuss your market, how you want to contribute and your marketing ideas. Once we approve your application, we will provide access to your partnership account. We will also deliver anything agreed and needed on our side, like adding your branding, localization of the products, so that you can start making business.

I do not plan to input significant marketing resources and efforts. Can I still apply?

Yes, you are welcome too. If you are freelancer or small web design studio and you want to suggest VEVS solutions to your clients but under your brand, you can still benefit from the White-label Reseller program, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Can I host your websites on my hosting account?

VEVS offers one-source website solutions, and the hosting is included in the bundle service regardless of how our products reach the end customers.

Do I have to resell all of your products? Can I choose which product I want to resell?

You can choose which products to resell. It is up to you, your expertise, contacts, business plans, and market.

I do not have a website to resell VEVS products? Can I still be a white-label partner?

Yes, you can. You can download the free reseller templates that we provide from your partner account and use one of them for your website. All you have to do is set the template on your host and domain, then create and upload your text and images content for the product or products you want to resell.

Can you help if I cannot manage to use your free reseller website solutions?

Sure, we can provide help for a reasonable one-time fee. Still, note that we require from you to prepare the website content. Contact us to discuss the details.

Can I copy content from VEVS.com website?

No, that is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to use content from VEVS.com for your website. That will have a negative impact on your and our marketing and SEO.

What should I do when a client want to start working with us?

You need to contact us, settle the subscription payment and we will upgrade the installation and set it to client domain.

How do I monitor leads, conversions, and payments?

Via your partner account. You will find there a list with all of your leads as well as clients and also information about the discounted subscription fee.

My client stopped paying their subscription. What should I do?

Please, inform us promptly. We will keep the respective website intact up to one month after the last received subscription payment. In the meantime, you can contact the client, clarify the situation, and reset the payments. If there is a specific case or reason why the payment has stopped, you should let us know so that we can reach a collective decision which is beneficial for all sides.

Can I make custom modifications and change your websites' HTML and CSS on my own?

All custom tweaks will be delivered to you or your customers exclusively by our development team.

What can I do if a particular VEVS website solution doesn't fully meet my customer's needs?

You can request custom modifications on behalf of your client as an extra service. You will receive 15% commision from the quote. You can also resell on your price and add a fee on top of our quote. We expect you to act as a project manager.

Can I order features and custom modifications which will be available only in my installation and valid for all my clients?

This is not possible within the scope of the standard Reseller Program since this requires an additional investment in the development and maintenance of a secondary product with limited sales potential. What we can offer you instead, is discussing further partnership relations and developing a custom product only you will offer. This can happen if there are mutually beneficial grounds and conditions for business development.

Would you remove bugs found in your products?

Yes, we will fix your client installations upon request. If you or your client find and report a bug, we’ll provide a fix as soon as possible.

How quick and reliable is your Support Team?

VEVS Team usually replies to client requests within a couple of hours during business hours, depending on the urgency of the request and the present workload. We also provide a convenient Skype and Viber assistance, too.

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