Below you can find important information about our Partner Program. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or need assistance. We welcome every freelancer or company that wants to increase their revenue and customer base by providing top-notch business software to their clients.

Who can use your Partner Program?

Among our partners, we have web developers, web designers, web agencies, freelancers, bloggers, SEO specialists, graphic designers, etc. We welcome every freelancer or company that wants to increase their revenue and customer base by providing top-notch business software to their clients.

What is expected from VEVS Partner? Are there any monthly targets I will be supposed to reach?

VEVS Partners are expected to promote/represent VEVS and sell VEVS software solutions and services locally, onboard and serve clients, set up their software and websites, upload content (if requested), and train customers to manage their software independently. Of course, we will help you whenever you need any assistance. And no, there are no targets and obligations whatsoever.

I only want to use your affiliate link and do not do integrations for the clients. Is it possible?

Yes, it is, but if you are not helping clients with using our software, the commission we pay is $200 per client.

What do I need to start?

Sign up for the Partner program, and we’ll contact you to discuss your market, how you want to contribute and your marketing ideas. We will deliver anything needed so that you can start doing business!

How can I showcase VEVS solutions to my clients?

You can add a Free Trial Sign-up form on your website pages. Via the sign-up form, your clients can create trial installations on their own. The sign-up form will automatically generate trial installation, front-end, and back-end, which your prospects can review and test. You can add Free Trial Sign-up forms for every VEVS product you want to resell.

You can also manually create unlimited trial installations via your partner account.

We recommend adding a demo installation on your website and a product description and images or screenshots. We also recommend making your demo installation look like and feel local. You can translate the demo or change the text content, update the image content, and set the appropriate currency.

However, all clients’ accounts that you create should be based on the latest software version that we offer on VEVS.

Are there any limitations in trial installations?

No, the trail installation is a fully-operational solution. Once a client wants to use our services, we simply upgrade the same account.

The only limitation that trials have are related to SMTP management. Prospects cannot set up their SMTP account and start sending email notifications while on trial.

Do I have to resell all VEVS solutions? Can I choose which one of them to resell?

Of course, you can choose which products to resell. It is up to you, your expertise, contacts, business plans, and the market.

Can I copy content from VEVS.com website?

No, that is strictly prohibited. You are not allowed to use content from VEVS.com for your website. That will have a negative impact on your and our marketing and SEO.

How do I monitor leads, conversions, and payments?

Via your partner account. You will find there a list with all of your leads as well as clients and also information about the discounted subscription fee.

If I give you my client's details, how can I be sure that you will not initiate direct contact with them and outdo my offer?

Don't worry! We will not use your client's contact details to send them better conditions and outdo your offers. We will only contact them if they decide to make an order with us. Even if they purchase from us, you will get your partner commission fee.

Why will a client choose to work with me instead of directly with you?

There are several reasons a client from your local area will choose to work with you and not directly with us. That’s the core of our Partner Program!

  1. You know them, and they will feel more secure working with you instead with an unknown company.
  2. You are in their time zone and can respond to their needs whenever they need it.
  3. You speak their language and can help with the content translation and set-up
  4. You can offer other services to them - SEO, Digital marketing, content writing, premium support, etc.

All services you can render on-site (such as website setup, content translation, maintenance, etc.) are worth the extra fee, especially in case your client is not very tech-savvy. It’s up to you to convince them that they should pay more for your service by providing them with personal service.

Who and how will make the payments to VEVS?

We recommend all service package subscription payments be paid by your clients directly to us. We require online, automated recurring payments that depend on the plan and the billing cycle that your client will choose. Of course, you can also collect the payment yourself and then pay us.

My client stopped paying their subscription to me. What should I do?

Please, inform us promptly. We will keep the respective account intact up to one month after the last received subscription payment. In the meantime, you can contact the client, clarify the situation, and reset the payments. If there is a specific case or reason why the payment has stopped, you should let us know so that we can reach a collective decision which is beneficial for all sides.

What’s the typical process to earn a commission?

  1. Find a client in your local area who is interested in VEVS software. We have multiple different industry solutions to choose from
  2. Create a trial for them and present the solution
  3. Sing up and onboard the client
  4. Collect your commission fees

On what fees do you pay commissions? What will I earn from, more specifically?

As a VEVS Partner, you will make a profit from:

  1. Setup fees - depending on your involvement set up fee varies from minimum $400 to $1500+. It depends on the work involved for you to set up client software & website.
  2. Subscription fees - We will pay you a 10% commission on the recurring subscription fees that we charge the client.
  3. Custom modifications and other services - you get a 20% commission from the project price for all one-time payment services.

Can I charge the client more than your standard fees?

Yes, you can. You can arrange subscription packages and billing cycles that are more appropriate for your market. In this case, you will have to pay us the standard prices for our services and plans. Example: VEVS charges minimum $350 setup fee and $80 per month. You charge the client $900 setup fee and $120 per month. Your payment to VEVS should be $350 setup and $80 per month, and the difference ($550 one-off and $40 per month) stays for you on top of the commission we will also pay you!

Is there a limit of integrations I need to make before being paid a cmomission?

We start to pay commissions after the 2nd sell/integration that you do, to avoid one-time buyers masked as partners. Still, you will not lose your commissions for your first client. We will pay all of your commissions for your first client, along with the commission for the second integration.

How and when will I receive my commission payouts?

The commission payments can be made using PayPal and wire transfers each month or over more extended periods as per mutual agreement. We require a minimum payroll of $300, and any unpaid commissions will be held until you accumulate $300. Please, note that we always make the money transfers after we have received the respective payment from your client.

Note that we might keep a transaction fee in case of a wire transfer. The fee depends on your location and the transaction fee that the bank charges us.

What will happen if a client of mine orders a website directly from you or makes their own trial installation through your website?

As soon as you have informed us in advance that this is your client, we will pay you the commission due in this case as well.

How quick and reliable is your Customer Support?

VEVS Customer Success Team usually replies to client requests within a couple of hours during business hours, depending on the urgency of the request and the present workload. We also provide convenient Zoom and Google Meet assistance, too.

Would you fix bugs found in your products?

Yes, we will fix your client installations upon request. If you or your client find and report a bug, we’ll provide a fix as soon as possible.

What can I do if a particular VEVS solution doesn't fully meet my customer's needs?

You can request additional custom modifications and extra services or direct your customers to us depending.

Can I request features and custom modifications which will be available only in my installation and valid for all my clients?

This is not possible within the scope of the standard Partnership Program since this requires an additional investment in the development and maintenance of a secondary product with limited sales potential. However, we would love to discuss and explore further your business ideas as we might be interested in starting a new partnership venture with your participation if there are mutually beneficial grounds and conditions for successful business growth.

Need any help?
Need any help?