Below you can find important information about our Reseller Program. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or need assistance.

What are the benefits for me being an authorised partner?

We will advertise your services directly on our Digital Partners page. You will be able to introduce your business to hundreds of VEVS clients every month, and they can connect with you when interested. Offer your services to our customers and agree directly with them.

For each client you refer to us, you will receive a higher commission. The commission can also grow depending on your participation and achievements.

Furthermore, we can also provide you with a promo code, which you can offer to your clients. Thereby your customers will get a special discount on our services, and you can as well increase your conversions.

Shall I pay VEVS for being a partner or for referrals I get?

No. We do not charge partners for joining and benefiting from our program. We don’t want a commission from you for the services you offer to our clients as well.

What is VEVS Digital Partners page?

VEVS Digital Partners page is the place where we list all of our authorised partners. From there, our clients can easily search and request digital marketing and SEO services.

On the VEVS Digital Partners page, our customers can quickly find information about your company, offerings and contacts and get in touch directly with you.

Our VEVS Customer Care Team lands our clients there when they ask us for digital marketing and SEO services. Furthermore, the page is active on our website, and we refer to it from many of our blogs and social media posts, as well.

What does it take to be listed on the VEVS Digital Partners page?

First, you have to make an account via our Partnership Program. Then, you need to become an authorised partner to get listed on the VEVS Digital Partners page.

However, getting listed on our Digital Partners page does not require a single action. It is time-limited and the listing time depends on how often you’re connecting your content with us. The more you spread the word about VEVS Website Builder, the more time you will be listed on our page.

Each of your publications, which is connected with us, increases the chance of getting a higher commission and more clients. So to keep listed on our Digital Partners page, you need to spread the word about VEVS Website Builder regularly. That includes, for example, your social media channels, e-mail marketing campaigns, YouTube channel, etc.

In addition, the number of your clients who have created a VEVS website helps to extend the time your business will be on the VEVS Digital Partners page.

What is needed to become an authorised partner?

All you need to do is to take two simple steps:

  1. Create an account via our Partnership Program page and fill in your profile data. You need to provide complete details about your business and services to get approved. We will use the information you give us via your account to present your business on our VEVS website, so make sure you make it stand out.

Please note that we only approve companies with a proven track record and experience in the services they claim to deliver. Our main goal is to connect our clients with someone who provides extraordinary services. So if that’s you, we can’t wait to do business with you!

  1. The final step to get a status of an Authorized Partner is to spread the world about VEVS. We require one ‘spread the world’ action (post, publication) to become Authorized Partner. However, it is an ongoing effort we expect from you as a partner, for more details see below.

What does ‘spread the word about VEVS’ mean, and why should I do it?

‘Spread the word’ is our concept for exchanging benefits between you and us. What we want to achieve is mutually beneficial partnership. Hence, we offer your services to our clients, and you offer our VEVS Website Builder to yours. It’s a win-win situation.

In addition, we will give you a commission for each of your clients who have used our services. However, we don’t want a commission from you for the services that you offer to our clients. In other words, we won’t charge you for partnering in our Partnership Program.

How often should I "spread the word" about VEVS?

It depends on you. The more you're referring your content to us, the longer time you will be listed on our VEVS Digital Partners page. This will not only help you earn a higher commission, but it will also help you attract additional clients.

As our digital partner, we will provide additional time for you based on how you've interacted with us. For example, if you share information about VEVS services on your social media, you will be given 20 days of listed time. Or, if you are writing a blog about us, this will provide you with 60 days. Check your profile for precise time scale.

Don't forget that you need to inform us every time you're "spreading the word" about us so that we can verify it and add that action to your account.

How do I "Spread the word" about VEVS?

We accept each post or publication about VEVS Website Builder on your website, social media channels, blogs, YouTube or other channels, email campaigns, and more.

Remember to notify us whenever you publish anything about us on the internet so that we can validate it and expand your placement on the VEVS Digital Partners page.

Will I get a commission as a VEVS Partner?

Yes, we will pay you a commission for each client you refer to VEVS through “spread the word” actions, personal contact or other methods.

What commission will I get?

The basic commission for every VEVS partner is 10%. However, it can grow up to 50%, depending on how much you’re referring your content to us:

  1. When becoming an authorised partner, you will get an additional 10%, making the basic commission 20%.
  2. You will also receive an additional commission as your referrals grow:
    • 10% for 5 to 10 active clients
    • 15% for 11 to 20 active clients
    • 20% for 21+ clients
  3. You will also receive a 10% additional commission if you have more than 100 verified listing days from the “spread the word” actions for the last year.

The commission is calculated on a subscription payment basis, which the clients pay to us, and is delivered throughout the time that your referrals are active subscribers to the VEVS service.

How and when I will receive my commission?

You will receive your commissions every third month for all active client referred to us. We will pay the amount on your PayPal account, bank account or other digital payment methods which you’re using.

How will you identify my clients?

There are several ways to identify the clients that you referred to us:

  1. Through the affiliate link, which you’re using, when you’re creating a post about VEVS. The affiliate cockie is valid for 90 days.
  2. We will also track the installations made with the Create Trial form or made by you directly on your account.
  3. Through the promo code, which we will provide your clients with.

However, if you have a client who has made a VEVS website and don’t see it in your account, please let us know, and we will add it manually. Every customer counts!

How will the VEVS clients connect with me? What’s the communication channel that we’re going to use?

We provide your contact details on our Digital Partners page. So, our VEVS customers will contact you directly.

How are the customers going to pay me?

The clients are paying you directly for the contract services you agreed. Therefore, VEVS do not interfere with the agreed terms between you and your clients.

Can I be listed in more than one service category?

Yes. You can select a few service categories you offer directly from your profile. We will also reflect them in your company information on the VEVS Digital Partners page.

Can I advertise VEVS or my post related to VEVS?

Yes, you may advertise all of the posts, content and other materials connected with VEVS according to the “spread the word” action. That way, you can quickly increase your sales and, therefore, your revenue from commissions. This also applies to direct PPC campaigns.

If you also intend to make paid advertising campaigns, we will gladly bear the part of the costs. For more information, please get in touch with us.

Should I be familiar with the VEVS products?

We highly recommend you get familiar with our products in order to deliver quality digital marketing and SEO services to the clients.

You can try out our 7-days free trial to test them. Feel free to contact our customer service team with all your questions, as well.

Also, you can review the following sources for more information about VEVS products:

Note that unrealistic, unhelpful or impossible to deliver recommendations for website and SEO improvements will be a reason for terminating your partner account as well as all commission payments.

We strongly encourage you to discuss website changes or improvements with the VEVS team before suggesting them to our mutual clients.

Whom should I contact if I have questions related to VEVS products?

Please, contact our customer care team, and they would be happy to answer all of your questions.

How can I access the admin area on the client's website?

If the client website was not created via your partner area, you can ask the client to create a user account for you.

You can contact our team as well. But note that if you send an access request to us, we are obligated to ask the client for permission first. So here's why we recommend you to contact our client directly.

I see that there are also other digital partners from my country. Can I be exclusive?

Our experience shows that the customers prefer using digital marketing services from providers based in their own country. There are a few logical reasons for that. For instance, they will speak the same language, have the same time zone and culture, etc.

Here’s why our goal is to have digital partners from every country in the world possible. That way, we can help our clients to get additional service from providers near them and manage their business websites more efficiently.

Of course, speaking of the big markets like the USA, Canada, Germany, etc., we prefer having more than one additional service provider. If, however, the market is limited and the digital partner provides our offerings effectively, we would gladly discuss the exclusive.

What's expected from the partner? Will I be obliged to hit any targets?

There are no targets. However, we strongly encourage you to advertise and showcase VEVS products, at least by adding a demo installation and short description of our products on your website.

Of course, you can do active paid advertising, too, if you wish. The more you sell, the higher commission you will be paid!

I don’t want to be an authorized partner, but I want to offer your websites to my audience. Can I do that?

Of course. But in that case, you won’t be added to our Digital Partners page, and the commission that you will receive will be the basic one - 10%

Need any help?
Need any help?