Set up extras to upsell your services during the booking process.

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Extras are additional services that customers can purchase with their reservation. These services are created from the Extras menu. They can be calculated per day or reservation. You can add an Extra to be available for purchase with a particular parking space.

Adding your first extra

  • Step 1 - Go to Car Parking Engine / Extras menu
  • Step 2 - Press the button
  • Step 3 - Write the Name and the Price (can be set per day or reservation)
  • Step 4 - Choose if taxes should be applied to it or not Note: By default, extras are excluded from tax. If you click the Exclude from tax button it will be set to No thus no taxes will be applied to Extras
  • Step 5 - Choose if the can be bought ones or multiple times Note: If you click the Single item Purchase button, the Extras will be able to be purchased a limited amount of times. You will need to enter that number in purchase maximum menu

  • Step 6 - Write the Description
  • Step 7 - Click Save and go and assign it to a Parking Space

Result :

 IMPORTANT: The Extras will not appear at Step 3 of the reservation process at all if they are not assigned to a specific Parking Space. When the clients are in step 3, the text below will be shown:

Type of extras

Optional - These are additional extras that you can buy along with the parking space. Elective extras with which are a great way to earn more. This type of extras is great for up-selling additional services.

For example, they can be an extra service such as a battery charger for electric or hybrid cars.

Included (for free) - Automatically include the extra with the parking space and do not add its price to the total reservation price. With this option, you can clearly and attractively show that a particular service is included in the package price. A service that is usually offered for an additional charge. It is essential to mention that the standard price of the service will not be added to the price of Parking Space. The admin should have already calculated it. Ideal if you want to give something for free to your clients if they reserve that space.

For example, you include a free car wash service in the price of a VIP Parking space.

Required - Automatically include the extra but add it's price to the total reservation price.
The client cannot refuse to pay it.

For example, you may have a minimum processing fee for using the parking.

The reservation system lets you choose to show only certain extras for each parking space. You don't need to assign all extras to each space.

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Need any help?