Updates & Upgrades

Learn details about what updates and upgrade options you have with the VEVS Website Builder.

VEVS's unique approach

VEVS is a B2B web-based platform that provides business software and a website builder solution for selected verticals.

Since we have been serving business clients for 15+ years, we know that each business is unique, and no software solution can fit all companies and business models within an industry. So we decided to take a unique approach when creating the VEVS Software platform and make it possible for our clients to get a tailor-fit solution for their needs, even if based on our standard pre-made business solutions.

The core feature of our platform is that we can deliver a customised solution to follow your unique requirements. That is also one of our main advantages compared to other Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

As a result, unlike the typical SaaS, you get an individual software instance which allows us to modify it to your liking and needs. But among the variety of advantages, there are some disadvantages too.

VEVS Website Builder's unique approach

Private Software Instance

Unlike other website builders, we do not offer SaaS where all clients use and share the same database and platform. Your software instance is an individual copy of the VEVS platform and is hosted on an individual hosting account - Amazon VPS (virtual private server), which will provide you with a lot of privacy in your software usage.


  • Private
    You will get private hosting - no shared data, no shared code.
  • Secure
    issues with the platform or other websites do not reflect on your website. Hacker attacks on the VEVS platform or other client websites do not affect your website.
  • High-Performing
    your website performance and speed do not depend on the load of the platform or other client websites.
  • Customisable
    we can custom modify your software installation to fully match your needs.
  • Scalable
    your software grows with your business as per your requirements.


  • Upgrades
    major version upgrades are not possible. See more details below.

How Updates & Upgrades work on VEVS

One of our main goals is to constantly improve our VEVS CMS and business software solutions by adding new features. That provides you with a better UI and website performance, enhancing security and implementing the latest web technologies.

To achieve that, we periodically release maintenance updates and also new product versions. The product versions, though, differ in their architecture and technology stack from the previous ones.

So what’s the difference between maintenance updates and upgrades, then?

‘Updates’ are software improvements within the same product version.

An ‘upgrade’ means moving from one product version to a newer (latest) product version.

Therefore, since product versions use different architecture and technology stacks, new versions could not be backwards compatible with the older versions. This means that we cannot automatically ‘update’ or ‘upgrade’ your existing website installation with our latest product version.

VEVS updates and upgrades

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Maintenance Updates

All kinds of security or malfunction updates are applied regularly by our team to all of our VEVS clients, making sure that your software always performs indefectible.

The functionality updates and improvements available within the product version in use are only applied per client request, though. That is because we don’t want to change the software that you are used to nor do we want to stress you by adding new functionality that you do not need and won’t use (but may require additional set-up from you).


Although we carefully test all our products, as with any other software, we are human beings too, and we sometimes discover bugs after a release. But no matter what version of the software you use, at any time, we will fix any bug you may find - this is our promise to you!

Version Upgrades

Although your existing website installation could not be easily “upgraded” to a new product version, there is still a way for you to benefit from our latest product version releases.

Since the ‘upgrade’ cannot be automated, you can create a new website installation and set it up from scratch. Then we will migrate your domain name from your current website installation to the new one.

There are a few important notes to consider, though:

  • Migrating the domain name is free of charge.
  • Since your website pages follow a unique setup, we cannot transfer website content automatically. Instead, you will have to copy and paste from your old website. We can also help set up the new website pages and transfer their content for a reasonable fee.
  • Since the software architecture is different, copy&paste of the business software database (reservations data, for example) is often impossible.

We do not perform automated data transfer from old to new versions for 3 reasons:

  • Often major version releases make it too expensive to support automated transfer from each older version to each new version;
  • Some architecture changes require the client's participation in deciding how to migrate the old data to the new data format;
  • A big percentage of our clients use custom modification which makes automated updates impossible (see below).

But still, often our developers can match and migrate data per your request for a reasonable fee.

We advise you to upgrade your software at least once every few years because web technologies and your website visitor's expectations change extremely fast!

Feel free to contact our team and learn the benefits of our latest product version. We will gladly discuss with you the most suitable process and time for your website upgrade.

Custom modifications

Your website installation is a standalone copy of the latest VEVS product version available when your site is created. However, if you order and we deliver a custom modification, your website installation will become one-of-a-kind, regardless of how minor or insignificant the change is. Therefore, it is no longer the same as our standard product version.

And once your website becomes unique, no updates are possible. Applying an automated update would mean overwriting and removing the custom made code or database changes, so you can lose them or even cause website malfunctions.

For that reason, we only manually apply security updates in the background. Still, if you discover a bug, please report it so that we can fix it.

Version upgrades are also not possible, but as alredy explained, that is valid for all website installations. You can migrate to the latest product version following the same process as described above.

However, you need to consider the custom changes or additional functions you have ordered. The latest product version might not have them, or they may work differently. And if you want to have your custom modifications added to a new website installation, our team will have to deliver them again. This usually means re-development since product versions are different in architecture and technology stack. The re-development may come cheaper than what you first paid, but that is not always the case!

Contact our team to discuss the options for upgrading your custom-made website to our latest product version.

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